Over the past few years, the approach to solution development has majorly evolved. Traditional methods of development & delivery are no longer followed as they are error prone and time consuming at a considerably high cost. For businesses willing to stay ahead of their competition, delivering high speed solutions and an optimal cost is an only viable option. Hence, DevOps comes in as a solution. 

DevOps not only helps in enhancing the quality of the speedily developed solution at an optimized cost but also unifies process, culture, and tools across the end to end solution building lifecycle. 

At CIGNEX Datamatics, our aim is to help you seamlessly adopt DevOps and ramp you up to high speed innovation while appropriately balancing cost, quality, and risk.

Cloud along with DevOps not only helps to automate the delivery pipeline, but also make it more efficient by shortening the release cycles.

Be it creating new applications or migrating the existing applications to the cloud, our DevOps experts can help you select the right set of DevOps tools to facilitate your DevOps adoption in a faster and easier way.

Right from assessing your organization’s DevOps readiness index to DevOps transformation and DevOps Implementation to management, we take care of it all using the best DevOps tools.

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Why DevOps?

Quick  & Speedy Execution

Increased Agility at Reduced Effort

Improved Efficiency in Operations

Stable Operating Environments

DevOps Offerings

As a part of our DevOps Consulting & Assessment service, our DevOps consultants would access your applications, tools & technologies, evaluate processes & methodologies for software development & operations, identify bottlenecks and provide a Maturity Level & Readiness Report.

The report helps in understanding the maturity level of an organization in various areas like agility, continuous integration, test automation, continuous delivery and deployment including cloud based services. Based on the report, our experts will advise you on the DevOps approach that suites you and create a road map for Continues Integration & Delivery.

For DevOps implementation, our DevOps consultants follow the Plan – Build - Deliver approach to automate your Continuous Integration and Delivery pipeline. This approach enables organizations to transform digitally by adopting DevOps practices, methodologies and principles across their operational and software development teams.

We enable our clients achieve greater efficiency & accelerate Application Integration & Delivery by integrating various tools such as Jenkins, Ansible, Chef, Puppet and cloud deployment services.

With our implementation service, you will get a tailored plan to accomplish the organizational change with an automated and effective execution approach.

Our DevOps testing experts hold rich experience in Continuous Integration testing & understand the nuances of Continuous Testing for Continuous Delivery.

We use an effective end-to-end automated process for DevOps testing, which implements standardized process, frameworks and tools into the DevOps set up.

With our automated QA process, continuous feedback is tied to the development and production environment resulting in seamless and rapid product development.

With our DevOps Management team you can effectively maintain the health of your continuous delivery pipeline.

Our DevOps management services comprise of release management, continuous deployment, new server setup, change management and performance optimization on ongoing basis.

This will help in sustaining continuous feedback and improvement across the software lifecycle and accelerate the release of applications into production.

DevOps Tools

We use all the leading DevOps tools to automate & measure the performance of the delivery pipeline and provide high-value solutions that address your key development challenges.

Ideal Framework to automate and manage your infrastructure

Platform for hassle- free & automated infrastructure management

Solution to manage CI/CD pipeline from source to delivery

Containerization platform to create & deploy apps faster

Simplest way to automate apps and IT infrastructure

Git repository hosting service

Container-orchestration system for automated deployment, scaling & management of containerized applications

Portable software-testing framework for web applications

End-to-End stack for converting Log data into Actionable business insights

Platform for continuous inspection of  code quality  to perform automatic reviews with static on 20+ programming languages

Tracking software for bug tracking, issue tracking, and project management functions

Infrastructure as a code for safe and predictable creation, change, and improvement of infrastructure

Automate Your Delivery Pipeline

Why CIGNEX Datamatics?

  • Experience and expertise in handling complex rollouts using DevOps across multiple domains
  • Automated management processes with in-depth understanding of cloud computing
  • End to end DevOps management covering assessment, integration, delivery, test automation,  reporting & management
  • Cohesive teams with shared objectives thriving to deliver continuous value to our clients