Low Code and Lockdown: Adoption of Low Code Platforms amid the COVID-19 crisis

Seven months. Yes, that’s the time passed by ever since the world has been plunged into this never ceasing lockdown mode. In this age of the new normal, going back to our previous routines seems like a faraway dream therefore, all we have to do is adopt the new and improved strategies in order to stay afloat.  Currently, with the dwindling economy surrounding us, entrepreneurs are reshaping their existing business models in order to salvage their relationship with their customers. ...

PowerCignexUser , October 09, 2020 | Posted in Low Code

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How AI Powers Up Document Classification? An In-depth Review

The huge number of documents that produced during the course of business operations are humongous. From invoices and work orders to manuals and knowledge assets, there are many documents captured and shared every hour within and outside the organization. Managing these documents, classifying them, and converting physical papers to digital ones require a tremendous amount of manpower. Plus, the human effort involved made the document classification process error-prone. This cost puts a strain...

Neil Harwani, September 01, 2020 | Posted in

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Cloud Native Kafka – Adoption & Benefits

Today, digital innovations are taking place rapidly. Companies, be it small or big, are using data and analytics way differently than a few years ago. One of the biggest drivers of rapid tech evolution is cloud computing. Cloud allows for quick configuration of IT setup without having to procure it in-house. This allows companies to respond faster to customer demands and changes in market conditions.  Out of the different public cloud services, the maximum velocity of growth is from SaaS...

PowerCignexUser , August 07, 2020 | Posted in Cloud

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5 Features of Liferay DXP that Maximize Business Value for Your Company

This post takes a look at the powerful features that come with Liferay DXP. These provide ample reasons why you should embrace this platform…. today. Delivering stellar digital experiences across websites, mobile, social media, search engines, and portals has emerged to be the biggest success differentiator for digital businesses today. If your brand needs the tools and resources needed to deliver engaging customer experiences over the digital medium, then you need not look beyond Liferay DXP...

Marketing Team, July 16, 2020 | Posted in Thought Leadership

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A Complete Guide to Drupal 8 Migratio

A Complete Guide to Drupal 8 Migration With over one million users worldwide, Drupal is today, significantly one of the top website solutions due to its robust and flexible infrastructure, innovative design, and open-source modules. Providing manifold organizations access to countless free tools and information to help them get the right features, functionality, and design, is the reason why Drupal is scaling tremendously. Why Migrate to Drupal 8? Let’s focus on the top three reasons why you...

Manoj Sharma, June 30, 2020 | Posted in Web Content Management

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Digitally Transform Your Organization to Face Challenging Scenarios like COVID-19

Experts believe that the COVID-19 outbreak is a global tragedy that will have long-lasting implications for humanity as well as our economy. As the coronavirus continues to spread rampantly around the world, an alarming number of enterprises have witnessed a new low-blow financially, due to their supply chain disruptions and dampened customer demand. It is unclear for how long this pandemic will last, however, what is clear is that COVID-19 will drastically impact businesses for months,...

Rebecca Sampson, June 30, 2020 | Posted in Thought Leadership

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The Amalgamation of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

Big Data and AI are two of the most well-known and valuable technologies today in the IT industry. According to MIT Sloan Management Review, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence together can shape the future by driving business value from data and analytics. It is to be noted that we live in a world full of data, which is expanding at an astonishing rate. According to an article recently published by Forbes, “over 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created each day, and in 2020 alone, every...

Rebecca Sampson, June 30, 2020 | Posted in Big Data Analytics

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Guidelines to a Successful RPA Implementation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is creating a revolution and is one of the hot topics that rules the industries today. Recently, Global Market Insight, Inc. stated that the Robotic Process Automation Market size is set to exceed USD 5 Billion by the year 2024. Researchers at Hadoop estimate that the potential savings that companies will experience with RPA by 2025, is between $5 trillion to $7 trillion, with tasks performed equaling the output of 140 million. But what about your organization...

Rebecca Sampson, April 07, 2020 | Posted in Robotic Process Automation

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Will Big Data be a Game-Changer for the BFSI Sector in 2020?

Today, analytics is becoming a major game-changer in the financial sectors. Following the tradition, the banking, financial services, and insurance (BFSI) organizations are putting their full potential to widen their business opportunities and enhance the services that they provide their customers. According to an article recently published by Forbes, "over 2.5 quintillion bytes of data created each day." This is a massive number and therefore the significant increase in the customer volume,...

Rebecca Sampson, March 05, 2020 | Posted in Big Data Analytics

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Boost Customer Service using Artificial Intelligence

Customer experience is rising to become the top priority of many business companies now-a-days. The expectations of these customers with the services provided by an organization are also growing with each passing moment. The need is to have a system that can guarantee improved customer satisfaction, which is where Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays a key-role. With the help historical data, AI is being used to minimize the chances of errors while providing extreme accurate analysis and...

Rebecca Sampson, February 03, 2020 | Posted in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML)

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