The growth of data is being measured in the same scale as population census, study of celestial bodies and behavioral science. They are huge in size (Volume), abstract and include numerous factors (Variety and Complexity), and are growing instantaneously (Velocity) as we speak.

The challenge more than managing data is how to put a noose around the new data that are being generated from new sources which include social media, web logs, location sensors, internet of things, video and music streams, sensors, and countless surveillance videos offering security and safety for global citizens. Unstructured content represents as much as 80% of an organization's total information assets i.e. data that does not conform to a specific, pre-defined data model

CIGNEX Datamatics helps you to manage this sheer scale of data with Big Data Analytics. Our solutions are powered by the right mix of Big Data and Business Intelligence components allowing the enterprise to leverage the maximum out of a particular use case.


Enhancing Sales and Marketing Efficiency with Big Data Analytics

SaaS based product delivering B2B marketing intelligence to understand customer, improve target marketing campaigns, increase customer acquisition, reduce customer churn and deliver innovations. This online subscription based B2B customer intelligence tool has gorgeous visualizations for deep data exploration and intuitive full text search/data mining with

  • Data Hub comprising of 20+ data sources
  • On demand processing of 7TB+ of data
  • Processing & enrichment of 160 Million+ Contacts
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Social Sentiment Analysis using Big Data

Integrated web platform built on Liferay and Drupal, for evidence collection from social media for case research, sentiment analysis and trends, data storage. We leveraged MongoDB as an operational data store, InfiniDB as a analytical data store and AlchemyAPI for natural language processing engine. The platform was scalable and was able to handle

  • 2TB Data/Month
  • Retrieve 25,000 records/hour/keyword
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Improve Workflows to Increase Operational Efficiency

Improving communication and coordination between key stakeholders at various locations to monitor and optimize time, costs, materials, staff and resources. Data collection of ~1.5 TB/day from 0.5-0.75 million devices. Real time analysis and reporting of resources - device monitoring, track progress & measure productivity. Also integrated the MongoDB based platform with machine control and site

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Achieving High Accuracy in Reduced Time with Machine Learning

Replacing manual classification of documents with an intelligent automated classification model. The solution includes a parser (Apache Tika + custom)  for content analysis and detection, a classifier  (D4LJ, Naïve Baiyes) to create model and run test set, a reviewer to audit logs, docs parsed and outliers, and review unclassified documents. The solution achieved high accuracy (>95%) while maintaining the high performance all completed in shorter duration to the traditional classification process.

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Increase ROI for Marketing Campaigns with Cost Effective and High Performing Enterprise DW/BI Data Architecture

Off-load the primary EDW running on Teradata as it was running out of capacity with slow performance. We created a modern data architecture using Hadoop and offered the ability to integrate unstructured data. Data from mainframes were pulled into Hadoop and ETL jobs were migrated from Teradata to Hadoop to reduce its load and boost its performance. This enabled the customer to run targeted customer segmentation based on products/ vertical/ industry. They were able to create consolidated dashboards for account executives including

  • Site Behavior
  • Revenue/Premiums generated
  • Leads through product inquiry/feedback
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Instantaneous Search Platform to Increase Productivity

Research portal with advanced search to enable employees with quick access to information, and resources to make faster and better decisions. Faster search across  structured and unstructured data leveraging Hadoop, Solr and Neo4J. The platform was able to return full text search in 2 seconds. Supported over 20 million documents with 100 attributes each with a volume over 200GB. The search solution was able to replace proprietary search platform and improve search performance by 10X while reducing costs.

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Data Integration

Acquiring and organizing data from structured and unstructured sources and processing them for a variety of use cases like large scale integration, data migration, data quality management, ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) for Data Warehousing etc.

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Information Delivery

Presenting processed information is important to allow enterprises to make decision in real time. CIGNEX Datamatics provides cost effective solutions to deliver information effectively including reporting, dashboarding, ad hoc queries, MS Office Integration, Search based BI and Mobile intelligence

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Data Analysis

CIGNEX Datamatics offers variety of tools that allow enterprises  to analyze processed information effectively including OLAP (Online Analytical Processing), Interactive Visualization, Predictive Modeling and Data Mining, Scorecard and Machine Learning

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Why CIGNEX Datamatics?

10+ Enterprise Platform Builds on Big Data Analytics

CIGNEX Datamatics’ has experience of delivering over 10+ end to end platforms based on Big Data and Analytics solutions to various customers. These solutions were hosted on cloud, multi-tenant or on-premise IT infrastructure.

50+ Big Data Analytics Experts

Our Big Data Analytics expertise covers MongoDB, Hadoop, Machine Learning Tools (TensorFlow, Deeplearning4J, Mallet), Elasticsearch, Talend, Spark, D3/C3.js, Tableau, Cloud Foundry, Docker, Kafka and more.

Technology Partnership

We have relationship with leading Open Source product vendors – MongoDB - Adanced Partner, Elasticsearch – Partner and Premium Reseller

Open Source Technology Benefits

As with all Open Source technology stack, our expertise and framework - Panoramyx™ offers benefits such as no recurring licensing fees, no-vendor lock-in and improved TCO (total cost of ownership), all at multiplier of an open source community support that can create, improve, and extend functionality.

Built to Scale for High Volume and Variety

Having developed multiple end to end platforms, our Big Data based solutions are built to scale.   They seamlessly connect new data sources and store data in to dynamic schema-less data repository that can scale up to 100+ nodes, often in multiple data centers sustaining 100,000+ database read and writes per second while maintaining strict latency SLAs.

Faster and Smarter Analytics

Our unique Big Data project architecture, governance and performance optimization expertise deliver near real-time and accurate and secure business insights.

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