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05 Mar 2020

Today, analytics is becoming a major game-changer in the financial sectors. Following the tradition, the banking, financial services, and insurance (BFSI) organizations are putting their full potential to widen their business opportunities and enhance the services that they provide their customers.

According to an article recently published by Forbes, "over 2.5 quintillion bytes of data created each day." This is a massive number and therefore the significant increase in the customer volume, is placing a humongous pressure on the levels of the services offered by these organizations.

Stake holders are now looking for new ways to not just organize their data but to also use this data to track their customer’s behaviors. In this way these organizations will be able to use their data to provide their customers with the exact type of resources needed at a given time.

Big Data resources have become a key player for the BFSI organizations helping them in a number of areas that provides these organizations with improved customer experience and boosted performance and profitability.

Why BFSI Organizations need Big Data?

Big Data can help BFSI organizations in not just organizing their data but it also help to improve customer experience. The answer to the question (Why BFSI organizations need Big Data?) could be summed up in three points. They are: AI is bringing more insightful and real data in no time with its power of interpreting both written and un-written texts. Being used to provide safe, secure and fast services, the combination of AI and data is providing many business institutions with:

  • Customer Experience
  • Operation Optimization
  • Employee Engagement

Customer Experience

Customers place high expectation in the way they want their banks to interact with them. With the increase in customer volume it has become difficult for banks and other organizations to fulfill the demands of every customer. Big Data helps the organizations to acquire a 360-degree view of their customer. It provides them with basic personal information, transaction history, browsing history and other relevant information helping the organizations in creating customer segmentation. Big Data also helps in making marketing decisions that can bring a remarkable increase in marketing productivity.

Operation Optimization

Big Data can help the BFSI organizations to improve the predictive power of their risk models, which is the main reason it is gaining popularity in the Banking Sector. Big Data provides with more extensive risk coverage and significant cost savings. Following are some of the areas of risk management where Big Data can be used to attain risk intelligence:

  • Fraud Management
  • Credit Management
  • Market and Commercial Loans
  • Operational Risks
  • Integrated Risk Management

Big Data helps to detect fraud signals which are analyzed utilizing machine learning and ultimately detecting legitimate users or transactions.

Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement is a hidden potential of Big Data that is yet to be unlocked. Big Data is not only concerned with customers but it also helps in detecting employee performance. With the help of Big Data, organizations could identify their top performers and if utilized in the right way, it can help organizations to boost up their performance ratio.

Using the right tool, such as analytics, a company can track, analyze and share:

  • Individual Performance
  • Team Spirit
  • Interaction among Departments
  • Overall Company Culture

Big Data helps companies to analyze their performances on daily basis rather than just annual based reviews.

In a Nutshell

Big Data combined with other global trends can help the BFSI organizations to get a better hold of their needs both internally as well as with their customers and clients. It helps in providing improved services in real-time with less operational costs. Working to provide your BFSI organization with suitable Big Data applications, CIGNEX is a Michigan based company that has delivered 500+ enterprise solutions that help clients address business goals, increase business velocity, reduce TCO and gain competitive advantages. The company is uses right mix of Big Data and Business Intelligence in order to provide its clients with the maximum leverage they can gain on their competitors. CIGNEX may be the best option that you want to pursue in order to manage huge amounts of data with Big Data Analytics.