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Facilitating a World of Connected Devices

Today, Mobility has become an integral part of the digital era and has opened up the potential to access several services on the go, one such being Enterprise Mobility.

Mobile platforms are offering new revenue streams, improving efficiency across operational activities, channeling communication bottlenecks and much more. Looking to automate business operations and manage entire business model easily? You are at the right place!

CIGNEX has a dedicated team of developers, who come with extensive hands-on experiences in developing customized enterprise mobility solutions, all while focusing delivering solutions with seamless performances for your employees as well as customers.

With the help of our new-gen technology solutions, we have helped manifold enterprises achieve their mobile aspirations by delivering them customized solutions that are agile and have the ability to scale. We have also delivered mobile consulting and system integration services across major verticals and have worked on hybrid as well as native environments.

Mobile Center of Excellence (mCoE) team to build native and hybrid applications

20+ years of development experience

Ionic, PhoneGap, Titanium and Xamarin

Enterprise Mobility Offerings

Build native applications across devices and platforms, with secure application integrations on iOS, Android and hybrid applications using technologies such as Ionic, PhoneGap

Integrate your enterprise applications with your mobile applications so that your customers have the right information at their fingertips. Our mCoE have integrated multiple applications with enterprise systems leveraging web services

Create customized end-to-end visual & content design or map navigational models and much more. Our mCoE can help enhance customer experience and optimize cost-to-serve

Design and develop responsive web applications using JQuery, AJAX/Java Scripts, HTML/XHTML, CSS, and integrate various RIA frameworks such as Alloy UI, Vaadin, ZK, Bootstrap and YUI with ease

Mobile Application Development

By leveraging their Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Capabilities, CIGNEX comes with a vast expertise in designing and developing custom mobile applications for iOS and Android.


CIGNEX has built various native applications on Android and iOS platforms that offer a wide array of device features, speed and flexibility to create powerful user interfaces.

Here is the step by step route we take:

Access – Our mCoE works on the Evaluation of the App Ideation, all while profiling User Personas and formalizing requirements, which can help finalize crucial milestones.

Design – On the submission of wireframes and other components including visual design, the app design is finalized.

Develop – On developing the assets, critical application integrations are made and after a demonstration, amendments are made based on the feedback.

Package – Once the Quality checks have been performed the final submission is made to the respective Android or IOS Play store.

In layman’s terms, a hybrid app is a native app that runs most of its user interface in an embedded browser component.

At CIGNEX, our mCoE work on various hybrid frameworks including Ionic, PhoneGap, Titanium and Xamarin to build high-performing hybrid apps that work flawlessly with excellent engagement levels. Here is a brief on our technology frameworks.

Ionic Framework – Being an Open Source hybrid framework built with AngularJS, this framework uses cordova plugins and typescript extensions. Its in-built default UI offers tremendous flexibility for seamless customizations.

Apache Cordova/PhoneGap Framework – This framework allows developers to build hybrid applications using CSS3, HTML5 and Javascript. Our developers leverage the stack including PhoneGap Desktop App, PhoneGap Developer, PhoneGap build to develop applications using command line.

Features We Offer

Get your automation first time right


Manage the application data and streamline access across mobile devices ensuring consistency and up-to-date information delivery across all devices.

Implement identity based access to applications anytime via any medium or device using one time sign-on, adaptive access control and privacy to protect your online resources from unauthorized access and comply with security regulations.

Find out how much information can be transferred outside of the office over the mobile networks and on the mobile devices adhering to industry specific laws and regulations.

Ensure mobile porting by providing cross platform evaluation for technical platforms like Ionic, PhoneGap, HTML5, Xamarin and Titanium with an understanding of many MEAP standards like Sybase Unwired Platform(SUP), Antenna Mobility Platform(AMP), Pyxis Mobile, Syclo etc.

MDM encompasses the IT and process management services. Our device management services include security management, messaging management, logistics management, procurement management and device support.

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