A test automation framework is an integrated system that sets the rules of automation of a specific product. It integrates the function libraries, test data sources, object details and various reusable modules. These components act as small building blocks to assemble business processes. Test Automation Framework simplifies the test automation effort.

Automation Services

  • Automation Framework Development for Desktop and/or Web Applications
    • Custom Framework Design as per Customer Requirement
    • Hybrid (Modular + Data-Driven) Framework
    • Screenshots of Passed and Failed Scripts
    • Videos of the Test Execution
    • Automatic Test Triggering through Jenkins/Hudson
    • Automatic Ticket Logging into Bugzilla
    • File Read/Write Support
    • Test Scheduler
  • Automated Test Suite Design
  • Feasibility Study for Automation Tools Selection
  • Script Migration

Test Automation at CIGNEX Datamatics

At CIGNEX Datamatics, we build automated test solutions and automation framework that help our clients to save time, cost & efforts related to regression tests. We use latest tools and technologies with systematic approach to create automation framework for desktop/web applications.


Page Object Model, Modular and Data-driven Framework, Custom Product Automation Framework


Functional & Navigational (Full/Smoke Test/Acceptance Test Coverage)


Agile, Iterative, Waterfall


Multiple Browsers Support


HTML Result Report

Tools & Technologies

Case Studies

Test Automation Framework for Global Energy Management Company

Application: Integrated Enterprise System Comprising of WindChill (PLM) and Creo (3D CAD) – for Product Lifecycle Management

Test Automation Services:

  • Custom Test Automation Framework Design, Development & Implementation for Testing Complex Enterprise System Integrating Web UI and Desktop Software like Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Software – WindChill and 3D CAD Software- Creo
  • Automation Framework Facilitated Automated Testing of 5000+ Scenarios Covering Permutation/Combinations for Authorization and Permission Access Controls for Large Number of Objects in Various States by Multiple User Roles

Test Tools: Selenium WebDriver, AutoIT, Sikuli, Java Platform

Automated Testing for US Based Risk Management, Insurance and HR Solutions Provider

Application: Collaboration and Risk Management Portal

Technology: Liferay


  • QA Team members- 20
  • Line of Code- Approx. 85K

Test Coverage:

  • Manual Test Cases – 2500+, Automated Test Scripts – 1000+
  • Mobile/iPad Testing, Security Testing (OWASP Top 10 Risks coverage)
  • Automation Tool Used: Selenium WebDriver, FitNesse

Performance Testing:

  • Concurrent User Load – 550, Total Number of Users – 11,000
  • Page Response –  < 5 seconds
  • Tools Used: JMeter, JConsole


  • Increased ROI (up to 60%) for regression tests
  • Time, effort and cost saving
  • Multiple browsers coverage
  • None/Less human dependencies for regression tests
  • Consistent and reliable results