In a world of digital transformation, we are beginning to see that data and analytics are changing the way organizations operate. Collecting data in operational systems and then relying on nightly batch extract, transform, load (ETL) processes to analyze the data is no longer sufficient. Building a real time data streaming application is of pivotal importance.

Apache Kafka & Confluent solves real time data needs of various companies by allowing easy access to enterprise data at a faster rate while maintaining data integrity.

At CIGNEX Datamatics, we help enterprises to build Big Data and IoT applications using Apache Kafka & Confluent for real-time data streaming and analysis. CIGNEX Datamatics is a Confluent Registered Partner, the company founded by the creators of Apache™ Kafka, to help enterprises solve the challenges of data integration by building stream processing applications.

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Why Confluent?

Unrestricted Developer Productivity

  • Multi Language Development
    • non-Java Clients
    • REST Proxy
  • Rich Pre-built Ecosystem
    • Connectors
    • MQTT Proxy
    • Schema Registry
  • Event Streaming Database
    • ksqlDB

Efficient Operations at Scale

  • GUI-driven Management & Monitoring
    • Control Centre
  • Flexible Devops Automation
    • Kubernetes
    • Ansible
  • Dynamics Performance & Elasticity
    • Auto Data Balancer
    • Tiered Storage


Production-Stage Prerequisites

  • Enterprise-grade Security
    • Role Based Access Control
    • Structured Audit logs
    • Secret Protection
  • Data Compatibility
    • Schema Validation
  • Global Availability
    • Multi Region Cluster
    • Replicator


Apache Kafka Consulting
Experienced Kafka consultants with capability to help enterprises build real-world Big Data applications that integrate and analyse high velocity data sources

Apache Kafka Application Development and Deployment
Kafka experts who help enterprises develop application on streaming, scalable Kafka clusters

Apache Kafka Implementation
Kafka experts with experience in solving enterprise's data streaming and processing challenges – processing and delivering streams of data efficiently in real time

Apache Kafka Integration
Kafka integration experts who can integrate Kafka to support any Big Data use case

Apache Kafka Support and Managed Services
End-to-end application management and monitoring of the fastest and most scalable distributed streaming platform

Apache Kafka Professional Services
Hire from our team of Apache Kafka experts - Engage Apache Kafka consultants, Apache Kafka developers & Apache Kafka analysts who can help you successfully implement the data streaming platform & realize it’s business outcome


Confluent Consulting
Experienced confluent consultants with proven capabilities in establishing streamlined data pipelines & building streaming applications that can react to data-driven events

Confluent Application Development
Confluent experts with expertise in developing event driven streaming application with KSQL, the streaming SQL engine for Apache Kafka.

Confluent Implementation
Building a real-time streaming data pipelines between systems or applications, or, building real-time streaming applications that transform or react to streams of data

Confluent Integration
Leverage Confluent Verified Integration Program to build or verify connectors and integrations with Confluent Platform

Confluent Support and Managed Services
Support, performance tuning and 24×7 managed services to monitor and manage cloud/on-premises infrastructure and streaming applications

Confluent Professional Services
Hire from our team of Confluent experts - Our team consist of Confluent consultants, Confluent business analysts and Confluent developers who can help you successfully adopt Confluent and achieve your business objectives



Log Aggregation Framework - Monitor & Detect Failures Ahead of Time

We have created a secure centralized Log Processing Framework based on ELK stack with powerful visualization and search functionalities enabling high availability through

  • Real time monitoring of core micro services
  • Real time access to failures leading to faster turnaround time
  • Integrated framework to analyze failures/errors from diverse applications through a single interface

Log Aggrgation

Event Driven Architecture - Building real-time streaming applications, streaming data pipelines, and event-driven architectures

We have created event-driven architecture using Kafka,that can change over time as different processors may react to events, which can be reprocessed while the data model evolves simultaneously. Applications built using this architecture can help in

  • Website & Network monitoring
  • Fraud detection
  • Web clicks
  • Advertising
  • Creating Internet of Things

Event Driven

Why CIGNEX Datamatics ?

  • Confluent Partner with 30+ Confluent Experts

  • Proven track record of delivering successful deployments

  • Cross functional expertise with evolved IoT,  Big Data and AI/ML Practice allowing us to serve high volume unstructured content

  • Flexible Engagement Models (Onsite/Offshore/Hybrid)