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Today, Apache Kafka is one of the leading distributed streaming and queuing technology for large-scale applications as it is powerful as well as widely used for reliable streaming platforms.

At CIGNEX our Kafka experts can provide expert guidance for your Kafka cluster management, big data streaming and processing requirements. We have a proven track record of building solid production level software that processes large streams of data and our experts have hands-on experience in administrating on-premise Kafka platform and managing Kafka clusters on Windows, Linux and cloud platforms like Azure, AWS & EMC.

Being a Confluent Registered Partner, our collective aim has always been to help companies build application that integrate and analyse high velocity data sources. Our consultants are certified and can assist with troubleshooting, optimization, upgrades, geo-replication and other Kafka related issues.

Certified Kafka Consultants

Registered Confluent Partner

Cross functional expertise with evolved Big Data and AI/ML Practice     

Proven track record of delivering successful deployments


CIGNEX can assist you to build your application on a fast, scalable, and distributed streaming platform and much more. Check out our Services listed below:

Kafka Architecture Planning and Review

After minutely assessing and conducting a detailed review of your existing deployment, our Kafka experts suggest best practices, flag potential pitfalls and plan the necessary actions required for your application to ensure that your project is well designed and built.

Kafka Streams Analytics

We help you to understand how your data can be transformed and aggregated for efficient real-time processing and analysis. Connect with us today and we can help you utilize Kafka Streams to receive insights from the data streams that you generate.


Deploy Kafka across Multiple Data Centres

Do you need to setup Kafka in multiple regions or data centres for disaster recovery? Discover best practices and known pitfalls with CIGNEX


Kafka Supporting Technologies Consulting

Kafka possesses the ability to act as glue between manifold systems such as Spark, NiFi and several other third party tools. At CIGNEX, our consultants have ample expertise not only on Kafka alone, but also in technologies such as Kinesis, Zookeeper, etc.


Kafka Health Check & Assessment

At CIGNEX we can provide you with a Kafka Health Check Assessment on how Kafka can be used to benefit your organization in the long run. We can help you provide an independent review of your operational Apache Kafka deployment and identify discrepancies such as Suboptimal Topic Configuration, Improper Log Management, Security Vulnerabilities, and Network Infrastructure Issues. Know more.


High Productivity and Availability
By utilizing a distributed cluster of servers, Apache Kafka achieves high throughput and availability   
Apache Kafka easily integrates with other stream analysis and processing systems such as Spark Streaming.
High Scalability & Reliability
Kafka is highly scalable as well as reliable due to its integrated replicas.
Zero Downtime
Load balancing and data replication allow Apache Kafka to schedule maintenance of individual nodes to manage faults without downtime.

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