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In a world of digital transformation, we see Confluent Open Source Apache Kafka Data Streaming platforms solve real time data needs of various companies by allowing easy access to enterprise data at a faster rate while maintaining data integrity.

At CIGNEX we have constructed and implemented various streaming solutions for manifold organisations by leveraging Apache Kafka. Our team of professional consultants come with an in-depth expertise in Kafka and Confluent solutions and services. For most organizations we provide Kafka support for their deployments that demand high-availability, enterprise compliance, high-scalability, and robust operations.

Being a Confluent Registered Partner, we help enterprises to solve data integration challenges by building stream processing applications.

Certified Team
Certified Kafka Consultants    

Registered Confluent Partner

Cross functional expertise with evolved Big Data and AI/ML Practice

Proven Capability
Proven track record of delivering successful deployments


Apache Kafka comes with a rich ecosystem of tools and integrations. Our dedicated Kafka experts help to integrate your tools and processes as well as deploy and manage Kafka across all your environments, irrespective of the infrastructures.

Our comprehensive team of experts will support you 24×7 be it deployment, configuration, maintenance, upgrades, or monitoring, tailoring the service to your requirements. Our services include24x7 support, monitoring & alerting, patch management, disaster recovery management, security, capacity management, customer process integration as well as tooling.


Our Dedicated experts provide a range of end-to-end Support and Maintenance services on Kafka be it to assist with troubleshooting, optimization, upgrades, geo-replication or any other issues, to help you reduce complexity and technical business risks.

In case you are looking to build a custom project or you have a specific need in mind, simply fill out the form and let our experts guide you.


High Performance Event-Driven ArchitecturesHigh AvailabilityIntegrations
High ScalabilityIntuitive and Flexible APIZero Downtime


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