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Enterprises are increasingly trying to deliver rich and relevant content to their customers through their inbound and outbound marketing strategies. The proverbial struggle is to communicate in a holistic and articulate form in a time when studies indicate that the attention span of humans is declining at a steady rate.

Under such circumstances it becomes critical to deliver information that are crisp, focused and articulate to maintain a consistent back and forth relationship with your brand. Over the past few years, intelligence platforms have become increasingly sophisticated to deliver clear, concise insights that can help marketers and sales team members to properly target their customers.

CIGNEX helps enterprises to architect sophisticated customer intelligence systems that connect every touch point that touches a person from the point they're a stranger through all of their customer details to acquire, retain and grow customers. Our solution uses big data analytics and predictive modelling techniques to target the right customers, identify dissatisfied customers, uncover buying pattern and behaviours and address customer service issues faster by correlating and analyzing a variety of data.


Customer Segmentation

Build your target audience by accurately segmenting leads by demography, online and offline behaviours, needs, preferences, promotional offers availed or other to yield more conversions and create personalized offers.

Sentiment Analytics

Analyze customer’s online profiles and behaviours to understand how they interact with your brand, what products are they using, why did they buy or not buy before, are they happy with the product(s)/features.

Predictive Analytics

Analyze your customer’s engagement with your brand and across all digital channels to make future communications relevant, personalized and consistent at all touch points.

Retention and Growth

Efforts to retain and upsell to existing customers with intelligent mining of customer needs and catering to reduce churn

Key Features

Define data sources that could influence the outcome. Combine all data sources (online and offline) in a single and robust data repository through drag/drop visual data integration tools for faster queries using an open and scalable architecture leveraging technologies such as Talend, Hadoop, MongoDB and more.

Front end applications with intuitive search/mining and dashboard with graphical visualizations with real time response time.


Build a use case by segmenting data by influential characteristics. Extensive multi-step rule based ETL processes that involve de-duplication, geo-coding, smart-filtering over large datasets and more

Evaluate and combine multiple models that lead to higher efficiency. Leverage the power of semantic associations (NLP for Entity Extraction, Entity Associations) to process millions of entities and implement complex business rules for data enrichment and refinement. Augment with Machine Learning in the long run.

As an Amazon partner, CIGNEX offers broad & deep core cloud infrastructure services to build scalable, high performance sales and marketing with a broad set of services geared with automatic infrastructure costing algorithms to reduce your total cost of ownership.

Key Benefits

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