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Social Listening and Engagement Platform provides aggregated and micro-level analysis (positive, negative or neutral) of opinions and experiences expressed by millions of users online over the digital channels. These digital channels include social media channels, websites, application records, emails, forms, surveys, internal files, reports and more. It enables enterprises for better marketing and communications campaigns, product and service innovations; identify issues before they escalate out of control and spot trends to capitalize before the competitors.

Featured Case Study

SaaS based Industry agnostic Social Listening & Engagement Platform

CIGNEX has rapidly built and release ‘first to market’ SaaS based social sentiment and trending analysis service for US based start-up within 3 months.

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Key Benefits

  • New Product Perception

  • Brand Health Management

  • Reputation Management

  • Measure Marketing Impact

  • Predict Consumer Behaviour

  • Identify Primary Influencers

  • Crisis Management

  • Campaign Measurement

  • Uncover Opportunities and Spot Threats

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