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By marketing team | 10 Mar 2021

DevOps allows organizations to deliver high-quality software, improve turnaround times, boost productivity, and minimize operational costs. It's all about seamless transitions in an organization with better collaboration between development and operation teams.
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Embracing the fast-evolving work culture with DevOps Implementation
DevOps needs trust, transparency, and collaboration. If you have these values in your organization, it’s easy to integrate DevOps; if not, implementing this system helps eliminate the barriers between different teams working within your organization.
DevOps implementation can help your organization streamline and channels all efforts and energies in one direction- common goals and objectives.
What are some of the DevOps Practices?
Automated Testing

Developers have to test software regularly. With DevOps, it's possible to conduct early checks and identify issues and resolve them earlier.
These systems work better for speedy SDLC than manual testing that may take longer.

Continuous integration

It is the practice where the DevOps the development team updates the code changes in the repository. After this, the automated test runs to check the efficacy. With a continuous integration process, developers can infuse integration now, repeatedly, or later.
CI tools help to detect integration challenges in the codes and find solutions, thus improving collaborations.

Constant Delivery

Uninterrupted delivery is an integral part of DevOps practice. Once the developers update the codes, they are set to test by the QA team. It happens in various stages in manual and automated ways. Once checks are done, production ensues.
This system allows building, testing, and setting the application faster.

Consistent Deployment

Code creation, testing, versions, deployment are all part of the deployment. When there is uninterrupted deployment, code is automatically integrated into production after passing all quality checks, etc.
When there are tools available at hand, it's easy to have a stable deployment with fewer human interventions.

Observation and Monitoring

If you need to optimize application performance, then monitoring of app infrastructure is crucial. Irrespective of cloud or local data center deployment, you need to observe the working. Bugs may hit its efficiency. 
Tools are available for this observation and monitoring with a related metric for sales, etc.

Better Security

When you have software and network, you also need security, as breaches do happen now and then. It is possible to avoid loss of data, reputation, and finances with security. The CI and CD ways offer access to the code-base; it becomes a target.
When additional security is required, authentication, access control systems, robust networks, and VPNs help in reinforcing measures.
Benefits of Partnering with CIGNEX for DevOps

Sound Collaboration

CIGNEX, with DevOps, promotes an environment where various teams can work together and achieve an organization's common objectives. Working with CIGNEX also implies that your set-up is integrated and does not move in opposite directions.

Accelerated working

With CIGNEX DevOps, race your business operations. Testing practices occur faster in the environment, and DevOps supply the right settings for the speedy delivery of software features and changes.

Better innovations

Steer towards better software development methods with CIGNEX DevOps practices. CIGNEX offers rapid software delivery that saves your developers time.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction decides your business course, and CIGNEX helps you streamline all the aspects of your workflow. This technique allows lower costs than what your competitors have.


CIGNEX helps you to maximize quality and reliability. Change the way your business performs with new testing methods. CIGNEX DevOps makes it responsible for delivering quality throughout.


Your CIGNEX partners help you gain more on profitability and cut down losses. It is the most significant advantage of DevOps practice that CIGNEX adopts in all its collaborations. Plus, there is more than one way to increase revenue by cutting down costs.

Now that you know how DevOps practices work for you, it is time to consider joining hands with CIGNEX, and we can help you by offering unmatched business tractions using multiple methods.