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19 Apr 2017

With data becoming the main success driver for businesses across the globe, the challenge for CIOs and business owners is to cope with this data explosion. Collecting data sets, organizing them, and gleaning insights are becoming difficult for entrepreneurs. Each of the operational business units has millions of data sets, which require instant storage, accurate management, safe handling, and seamless validation. If you wish to manage your data and its related schema with much security and efficiency, then read below to understand how Elasticsearch can help in ensuring the same with its powerful NoSQL, distributed database.

What is Elasticsearch and Its Product Lineup

Elasticsearch, an Open Source enterprise search solution, is widely used by millions of organizations to generate, store, validate, manage, and display a vast amount of information in an organized manner. The platform not only assists business users to process the collected information, but also helps them to maintain a competitive advantage by accessing relevant information at the right time. Following are some of the popular products of this amazing search solution, which can assist you in enhancing your business’s efficiency and contributes to its growth:

  1. Elastic Stack: It helps you to take out data from any source, and assists in formatting, searching, analysing, and visualizing the same for business referrals
  2. Kibana: The tool helps to give shape to your data and extends its array to serve as an elaborated user interface, which is specially meant for configuration and management of various Elastic Stack aspects.
  3. Beats: The application is used to send data from parent machines to Logstash and Elasticsearch for further analysis and reporting
  4. Logstash: Featuring an extensible plug-in ecosystem, the tool is specially meant for data collection with strong Elasticsearch synergy
  5. X-Pack: It is an amazing extension that can be used to add an extra layer of protection to your data. Additionally, the tool sends immediate notifications, whenever any changes are made to existing data sets.
  6. Elastic Cloud: Avail enhanced protection to your data sets by hosting them on the public cloud, private cloud, or hybrid clouds.

How Can Elasticsearch Help to Create Enterprise Search and Analytics Solution?

  • It can quickly optimize and automate complex business processes/practices
  • It helps in enhancing customer experience
  • It drives productivity and efficiency amongst business units
  • It helps in reducing operating costs
  • It can make data available in real-time by making it available for immediate search and analytics
  • It offers support for product development and its life cycle by interactively exploring, discovering, and analysing data relationships

Integrating Elasticsearch with other Open Source Technologies

  1. Increased Project Efficiency with Liferay

    Liferay Digital Experience Platform (DXP) help enterprises to create, manage, and host a perfect mix of analytics, content, marketing, and integration. The technology assists business users to transform their current business processes digitally by making their data and tools available over Modern Web, and with Modular Services. The integration of Elasticsearch and Liferay helps a business to get detailed customer relationship insights and assist in understanding customer’s actual requirements and analytics & metrics.

  2. Faster and Accurate Data Processing

    Incorporation of this technology in your businesses can assist in enriching data with NLP (Natural Language Processing) for offering accurate results by avoiding duplication and applying smart filtering techniques.

  3. Detailed and Attractive Data Visualization

    A perfect blend of the mentioned technologies can assist in developing attractive yet impactful visualizations for businesses, thus, simplifying the concepts of data mining and customer intelligence

  4. Seamless Subscription Management for Enhanced Support

    You can easily integrate business’s payment gateways, manage user profiles, and keep a check on notifications to help your business in maintaining a sound position in the industry

  5. Offers Managed Cloud Hosting Services for Instant Access

    No matter where you go, the platform offers immediate access to all your stored data and applications for assisting your business in delivering high performance and scalability


Business owners and research professionals always study and refer to various data sets for drawing conclusions, maintaining an edge over competitors, and even for laying down paths to achieve their pre-defined business goals.

If you too need an advantage in these areas then it will be a smart move to associate with CIGNEX, the proven experts in enterprise search solutions. We will be glad to help align the powerful features of Elasticsearch (horizontal scale, real-time availability, schema-less structure, and flexible data model) to your organizational systems. This way your storage, search, analytics, and indexing functions provide you with productivity thrust that your team requires.