ECM or Enterprise Content Management is a key area of business that drives mission critical organizational processes and plays an important part in business growth and development. With evolving times, there have been high-impact and visible changes in technology. This in turn has transformed these business processes and made them richer, more powerful, and more versatile.

Today we look at how ECM gets a boost from improvements in the IoT ecosystem.

Evolving Technology and Business Paradigm

With advances in technology, a number of important factors have undergone key changes. This has prompted radical changes in business processes, enterprise architecture and customer preferences such as the ones below –

  • Technology – With the focus firmly on the quality, capability and ease of use that new technologies bring with it, the face of business platforms has changed. Today’s competitive times call for technology which provides businesses with more scope and capabilities, while still remaining versatile, feasible, and scalable.
  • Business Processes – Business processes have essentially become more engaging, welcoming collaborative efforts and adopting newer technologies in a way that they integrate seamlessly with new age mediums such as social channels and mobile.
  • People – The targeted customer segment has become more discerning, asking more questions and sharing their opinions on a regular basis. What customers want are viable solutions to their needs. With the advent of smart devices, mobility and cloud technologies, the requirements are now geared towards on-the-go usage and simplicity.

A Vision of the Future

With the concept of IoT, the future is set to look even more different. Over the last decade, the degree of connectivity in the world has increased exponentially. From a mere 3 million people interconnected through technology in 1990, this number is expected to reach 1.5 trillion people and things by 2020. Enterprise players must recognize this disruptive phenomenon and implement solutions that take advantage of it. The current technology wave will bring increasing convergence of people, processes and technologies and will be powered by latest innovations like big data, mobile platforms, intelligent sensors, virtualization, interfaces, embedded systems, and wearables.

IoT Trends and the Opportunity

IoT has breached technology frontiers previously thought of as unimaginable. With technologies like RFID, Wireless networks, QR codes, and sensors, there is an opportunity to take business processes to the next level. With the number of connected devices in the world rapidly expanding and projected to hit about 50 billion in 2020, IoT has a huge potential to change traditional business paradigms in a major way. Some of the changes are already afoot as IoT is actively shaping business efficiency and competency, and creating new channels of revenue.

Convergence of IoT and ECM – Key Use Cases

When it comes to ECM, the evolution of technologies and IoT has the potential to be a game changer. In community hubs, consumer interaction zones and also within enterprises, there can be a manageable convergence of the community, the consumer and the industry. Wearables, intelligent appliances, IT systems, transaction servers, data cloud, enterprise systems, data centers… the list of solutions possible is limitless. This has interesting implications for ECM, with IoT bringing in new opportunities that can transform scope, workflow, efficiency and effectiveness within a business.

Nuxeo Platform – Modern Content Powered Solution with IoT

So far, ECM and associated technologies have not been able to keep up with the rate of progress that IoT operates with. In the past, ECM solutions have been able to digitize data, but there has been very little digital transformation in keeping with the changing times.  This translates to multiple lost opportunities to leverage enterprise-level content for growing the business

With Nuxeo, these setbacks are eliminated with great effect. Nuxeo is an ECM solution which brings the advantages of deep content methodology and evolving content to the table. It is a modular, scalable platform that is highly customizable and can be configured according to the needs of particular businesses to integrate seamlessly into their workflow. With built-in enterprise search, case management and asset management features, the new age platform drives rich engagement. This is enabled by making content ready for both human users and computers, while also enabling managers to make decisions quickly based on valuable insight driven from IoT sources.

Nuxeo Deep Content in Action for a Leading Electronics Giant

 A leading electronics multinational company, faced the challenge of mobile workforce needing secure, on-demand access to content, anywhere, anytime, and any device. Nuxeo developed the Cloud Portal Office that added value to the client’s globally widespread operations. It provided seamless content capture, access, sharing, metadata integration, and workflows. It also supported virtually any device, including smart MFPs and whiteboard displays. The outcome saw thousands of firms utilize Cloud Portal Office to fulfill mobile content demands, complete with security controls, audit trails among other powerful features.

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