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By rebecca sampson | 11 Dec 2020

Enterprise customers require a lesser focus on IT operations so that they can free up time to do what they do best – scale up their organizations. Moving to the cloud with a secure platform is one such initiative that can help them accomplish this objective. Here’s where Liferay’s Digital Experience Platform comes into the picture.

This solution provides stellar outcomes for companies undergoing digital transformation and for delivering better customer experiences as is the go-to platform for offering connected customer experiences and collecting actionable insights for manifold organizations. Today, companies are increasingly adopting DXP to nurture leads, onboard them, and drive engagement as well as conversions.

Now that we have a more straightforward way to accelerate digital innovation through DXP, let’s look into this avenue Liferay DXP Cloud has to offer.

So what is Liferay DXP Cloud?

Enterprise businesses get immense assistance from Liferay DXP Cloud to elevate overall customer experiences. This solution does all the heavy lifting of deploying, managing, and scaling of Liferay DXP with Platform as a Service (PaaS) capabilities. With Liferay DXP Cloud, organizations need not have a dedicated IT to maintain and manage these cloud services.

Features of Liferay DXP on Cloud

Liferay DXP has features that powers up the performance and helps organizations streamline their DevOps strategy. Some of these features include –

Auto Scaling

It can scale up or down the IT bandwidth to ensure steady and consistent DXP performance without any lags, service disruptions, or downtime. This USP enables a better degree of agility and prevents performance issues even at peak traffic flows. The IT team can now better manage unexpected traffic volatility with this feature

Automatic Backups and Recovery

Risks mitigation becomes easy with the hourly automatic and secure backups feature of the solution. Organizational documents remain protected with total security. IT teams can quickly restore lost data and ensure the smooth running of operations in case of an IT disaster. Teams get 30 days’ worth of backups available for a quick restore.

100% System Availability

Business continuity largely depends on whether teams can access the solution continuously as and when required. Liferay DXP on Cloud understands this critical need and enables high availability with a couple of secure features –

  • Scan and perform health checks on every component of the solution
  • Configure self-healing mechanisms in case of service disruptions

These measures enable zero downtime deployments and prevent risks associated with such downtimes.

Comprehensive Project Monitoring

Key data points help IT teams to assess the health and performance of the cloud platform. This way, they can stay in total control of the overall system performance. They can quickly move in if there is an alert to KRAs like CPU, memory usage, and data transfer rates and users can also opt to receive real-time alerts about project performance, resources or resolution of issues.


No worrying about a secure cloud deployment anymore. DXP Cloud’s private network includes a database offering encryption at rest and encryption in transit. Additionally, you can encrypt traffic and secure the way data is sent between your services and browsers with the help of automatically renewed SSL certificates.


CIGNEX, a Liferay domain expert can help you to harness these features and benefits the right way.

Our experts can establish a solid groundwork for your business, all while continually improving and evolving with engaging digital experiences powered by Liferay DXP - a leading experiences platform. Knowing all the nuances of its features such as auto-scaling, auto-recovery, development tools, environments, and monitoring, helps us to harness the power-packed PaaS solution to the maximum.

Interested in an end to end PaaS configuration, installation, and deployment? Or thinking of augmenting this offering with a world-class Liferay DXP Cloud consulting, portal customization, and portal migration benefits?

Reach us at or sign up for a free consultation here.