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14 Mar 2022

Hiring a Drupal developer should be straight forward and quick process.  When a talent acquisition is given a responsibility to hire Drupal developer, there might be several options based on the requirement.

You can choose a full time stack developer. A stack developer is all in one Drupal developer. If you are only looking for theme developer or front end developer in HTML, JavaScript and CSS who work on design and convert them into working theme.

When hiring a Drupal developer it is very important to evaluate the candidates before making the final decision. Every developer would have pros and cons and you need to hire after deciding who full fil your requirements better.

So the question is how to hire the right Drupal developer with skill set that matched your project requirements? Are you hiring a skilled developer or not? How do you go about selecting the right developer for your next project?

First Step in Hiring a Drupal Developer

The first step in hiring a Drupal developer is figuring out precisely what you want. Drupal developer is a broad word that encompasses a wide range of abilities.

Drupal is an open-source content management system (CMS) for PHP-based websites. It's a complicated system. When it comes to topics like generating modules, custom themes, and building websites, each developer will have strengths and shortcomings. Each one necessitates a distinct set of abilities.

Things to do Before Hiring a Drupal Developer

Before you hire a Drupal developer, you should figure out what capabilities the candidate should have and focus on those. Is the candidate familiar with the Drupal version that you're using? On which modules has the applicant worked? To create new solutions, a developer should have a curious mind. Make sure to look at a candidate's ability to think outside the box.

Then, examine whether any of the applicants you're considering have any of the certifications you'll need for your project. The Acquia certification demonstrates a developer's knowledge of a certain aspect of the Drupal platform. You'll also want someone who knows how to integrate third-party applications.

You should ensure that the developer is familiar with the most recent version of Drupal or the version that your assets are deployed and that he or she is capable of providing ongoing maintenance and upgrades for post-project support, as well as addressing any issues that may arise during the project. What is their level of experience? The candidate's understanding of Drupal's intricacies will improve as they work with newer versions.


How to Hire Dedicated Drupal Resources?

There are a various resources available to hire Drupal developers. You can visit open source platform to hire developers. In that case you have to arrange interviews and travel plans if required and that will cost you money and your own resources.

The best option is to approach a vendor and outsource your requirements. An experienced outsource company will offer skilled developers with experience in various industries. This way it will increase your chances of hiring good developers for your project.

Final Thoughts

Because the sector is continually changing, be sure the applicant you're recruiting is ready and able to learn. A Drupal developer must also be able to adapt to your company's needs and communicate effectively. Expertise is useless if the person you engage is unable to comprehend your requirements.

So, what should you look for in a Drupal developer? Look for someone who possesses the abilities you're seeking for as well as a personality that fits in with your team.

We hope the above pointers will help you to hire dedicated Drupal developer for your requirements. CIGNEX has a team of over 100+ Drupal certified experts who can be hired on T&M basis. We have a pool of competent and talented Drupal developers. Contact us right now to discuss your Drupal development needs.