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By marketing team | 22 Feb 2021

52% of smartphone users gather health-related information like prescription drugs, alternative treatments, or health insurance on their phones. This calls for a robust and scalable content management system (CMS) to deliver dynamic content online.

And that is where Drupal comes in. It is one of the most extensible and secures CMS used in the healthcare industry.

At this point, you may think, "What Drupal is, and who can help with the implementation of Drupal in a healthcare organization?"

To get the answer to your questions, let’s delve deeper into this blog.

The value proposition of Drupal

Drupal is a free and open-source platform that assists in building and developing websites. Besides offering ease to the end-users worldwide, Drupal offers flexibility in managing, sharing, and publishing content and information on a website.

If implemented properly, Drupal can address various issues faced by the healthcare industry while ensuring beneficial outcomes.

To gain the best out of Drupal's impressive solution, you can work with an implementation partner like CIGNEX. Being the industry's top consulting company, CIGNEX can offer better solutions, services, and platforms on the cloud, automation, and open source.

What benefits will CIGNEX offer to your healthcare industry?

1- Expertise in Drupal:

The best thing about working with CIGNEX for Drupal implementation is that you gain access to expert consultants who have in-depth knowledge of Drupal development and designing services.

Their team starts with the consultation process to analyze your business's needs. And don't worry; the team will ensure to keep in touch with you to ensure you are offered transparent services without any latency.

2- Offers customized Drupal solution:

The team at CIGNEX is well-aware of the healthcare industry's needs. Besides, they also know that every healthcare sector wishes to have something different from its competitors.

So, to ensure your business needs are met with utmost accuracy, the developers at CIGNEX work with you to create a completely customized Drupal solution. Right from planning, design creation to wireframe development and many more aspects are taken care of by the consulting team to produce a unique solution.

3- Around the clock Drupal support:

When working with CIGNEX, you don't have to worry about anything. They provide a full suite of support services that are capable of handling complex and latest Drupal 6, 7, or 8 based properties. Your business can stay assured of receiving an around-the-clock service for 356 days a year, regardless of what problem you face.

4- Top-tier Drupal maintenance:

With CIGNEX, you also get to enjoy post-sales services. Their maintenance experts are highly trained and well-equipped to solve problems that arise in complex and integrated environments.

They can handle security challenges along with content updates, security updates, and patching, performance testing, to name a few.

5- Total satisfactory Drupal Integration:

No matter what third-party applications you use, the developer at CIGNEX can integrate almost any type of third-party application with Drupal.

You will get a best-in-class integration solution with your social media sites, CRMs, Google API, ERP, accounting software, etc.

6- Offers aesthetics to your website:

And don't worry; CIGNEX will accept the challenge of offering an attractive user experience too. The Drupal theme developers and graphics experts at CIGNEX specialize in producing tailor-made professional Drupal themes. Plus, they know the optimization tricks too, meaning you will get both an attractive and optimized website. 

Over to you

Well, there is no doubt in the fact that Drupal proves to be the best solution for your healthcare industry's technical needs. Besides, by working with the best solution provider like CIGNEX for the implementation, you will only end up enhancing your experience without compromise.