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14 Oct 2016

Selecting a Content Management System (CMS) for your business is crucial to your brand’s fortunes on the digital ecosystem. Your final choice depends on a lot of factors like ease of configuration, whether it’s scalable as per your business aspirations, and whether it helps to accelerate your organization’s content marketing program. And many developers and marketing managers find that Drupal ticks these boxes nicely.

Drupal has emerged as a strong contender as the most preferred CMS around the globe. Its long list of functionalities, ease of integration, and advanced user/ page management functions make it score highly when compared to other CMS solutions. As a result, the adoption rate for Drupal as the likely CMS for a business is growing substantially over time.

While developers vouch that Drupal is fun and fast, its list of advantages is not limited to just the development end. For a business too, Drupal allows maximum bang for the buck with a plethora of benefits working towards making Drupal an unrivalled first choice for your business’ CMS. Along with its technical benefits of open source background and core functionality, the CMS solution helps you create a distinct identity over the online space, so that you can drive more interest towards your products and services, and help in bringing your business front and center to today’s connected customer.  

With this blog, we will aim to cover some of the advantages offered by Drupal, and how we at CIGNEX were able to pass on these advantages to one of our clients.

Case Study - Customer Challenge

The client is a US based organization connecting pet shelters and rescues to pet owners, pet seekers, pet experts, veterinarians, and pet lovers, by providing a continued medium for inquiry and communication. The organization wanted to have a content management solution that delivered seamless outcomes across devices, screen sizes, and operating systems. The CMS needed to execute a core functionality – of aligning the pet lovers with the ideal pet based on a host of criteria and conditions.    

Advantages offered by Drupal aligned with client-centric solution construction

1. Deep Customization – One of the best features that attract developers to Drupal is the capability to customize to a deep level to address specific client issues. This way, they need not compromise on the functionalities and still be able to delight customers. Whether it is a simple blog site for a blogger, or a fully interactive and powerful portal for your exclusive business needs, you can easily tweak the core of Drupal to match your client requirements.

For the client, it was mission critical to have an algorithm built in to match the right pet with the right owner for an effective search and adoption process. To counter this need, CIGNEX developed a fully functional logic for a match-finding algorithm on Drupal 7.x that helps match a particular pet to an ideal pet lover based on criteria like the lifestyle of the potential owner and the behavior and habits of the shelter animal.   

2. Impactful performance – As a powerful CMS, Drupal uses lesser number of system resources and hence provides faster load time. This improves the overall CMS performance.

For the client, a high volume of total and concurrent users meant that the application needed to be nimble and fast and perform well under load. CIGNEX used the full potential of Drupal with minimum system resources. As a result, the customer is now able to handle 1000+ concurrent users and 450 total users without seeing any unusual load on system resources. The portal was fast to load and swift in its operations, thus helping to cement the digital brand positioning of the search and adoption portal. Coupled with the ability to upload videos, testimonials, and images, this results in a highly engaged user for the portal who can easily search a pet put up by the adoption shelters.

3. Mobile first benefits – Today’s customer is increasingly demanding mobile- centric browsing and web application access. For this, the CMS must be capable of providing rich support to mobile devices. This is precisely where Drupal shows its forte. The CMS supports responsive design that drives a consistent user experience across mobile, tablets or laptops.

For the client, this was one of the key requirements, considering the deep penetration of internet access through smartphones in the US. CIGNEX delivered a responsive design for the pet search and adoption portal.

To sign off

As evident from this case study, Drupal provides substantial business benefits as a modern day CMS. If you too are interested in taking your site user engagement up by a notch, then it will be worth your 10 minutes of connecting with CIGNEX. Do let us know your requirement, and our team of experienced professionals will be able to craft a Drupal solution to address your specific business problems.