Many of the readers are wondering that if book is for Business users why there is a chapter of "Configuring Share". Indeed this is included to make users feel how easy it is to customize Share and technical expertise is not required for customizations. Even Non-Technical user can make some of essential configurations and can be benefited by customizing Share on their own. Exposure of XML is required to get most out of this chapter. Alfresco Share can be easily configured and customized. You can configure various aspects of Alfresco share application like creating custom content, managing more aspects, editing metadata, customizing forms, configuring workflows, working on Share documents through Google Docs , managing number of actions on Document Library, defining new status indicators for the document ,configuring separate Alfresco share server for quicker restart etc. All such configurations can be found in chapter 'Configuring Share' of the book. The default value for share configuration properties are defined in share-config.xml located at | tomcat | webapps | share | WEB-INF | classes | alfresco. But the custom configuration files should be provided as extension and can be placed inside | | shared | classes |alfresco | web-extension folder. The entire configuration related details could be added/modified in share-config-custom.xml.There is already share-config-custom.xml.sample file is placed in the web-extension folder ,which can be considered for reference and can prove advantageous for the customizations. Through this article, you will learn how you can configure custom properties: Rename the file 'share-config-custom.xml.sample' by removing the '.sample' from the extension. We have used the case study of a marketing site throughout the book. This case study is the basis of various concepts. The marketing site stores all sort of marketing materials like brochure, presentation, banners etc. in the Alfresco repository. For e.g while creating different banners for a site you want to store custom properties like color of banner , border or positioning of each banner . Follow simple steps to create Banner with custom Properties:

  1. Create and register Content Model in Alfresco repository that defines properties of Banner.
  2. Configure Share to add banner and its properties by adding small code snippet in share-config-custom.xml.
  3. Refresh the changes by hitting the URL http:///share/service/index and clicking "Refresh Web Scripts" Button.

The details about the steps can be finding in Configuring Share chapter of the book. You can find details about the book from Alfresco Share . This is just one example of Share Configuration of various business needs. You will find many such examples in the book