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05 Apr 2016

The article has been featured in written by  Manish Soota - VP, Pre-sales & Solutions

Please allow access!

How many times have you come across "Please allow access" while applying or looking for a job! While almost all of us wouldn't provide access to our many personal and professional social accounts ever, however if the access request was for a job from a prospective employer or a hiring company, we would willingly do so. What if all your personal information gets cached and stored somewhere while in transit! Prospective employers & hiring consultants wouldn’t need access to your profiles anymore.

It's already happening and is on the rise!

Over the past few years, increasing number of employers are accessing Facebook, LinkedIn and other public profiles of prospective candidates. While one might question if the practice is ethical, it has become a part of the employee’s pre-hire intelligence gathering process and job-seekers have come to accept it. This has in fact encouraged many job-seekers to make themselves more visible on social media by posting their photos, writing blogs and even posting videos on social channels like YouTube, Instagram etc.  The more your visibility, the more your reach to HR consultants and vice-versa.

Everything we do virtually on internet is captured and stored in some database somewhere. Our social profiles, photos, videos, blog entries, emails, tweets,  web searches, chats, comments, likes, purchases, resume postings, and other interactions have created a unique and personal trail of breadcrumbs that can help others discover us and understand our personality.

Everything is now Data-fied

 From the dawn of civilization until 2003, mankind generated 5 exabytes of data. Now, we produce 5 exabytes every couple of days and its only exploding with time. With all the trails and information that we sprinkle and leave on the internet, collection of these and many more is resulting in exponential multiplication of data. The data here does not refers only to information about our personal & professional lives, but a lot more from weather, automotive, healthcare, banking , insurance and the list goes on.  The data-fication process is accelerating.

Hello Big Data!

To deal with this huge collection of data, Big Data domain has emerged and with it, Data Science. A field, that focuses on the extraction of knowledge from large amounts of data. The good part is, all Big Data technologies are based on Open Source (Hadoop, HDFS, MapR) which is the core foundation. For niche Open Source focussed organizations (product vendors and service providers), this is a classic opportunity to expand their offerings beyond.

Big Data meets Employee Pre-Hire

Data Science and Big Data is spreading and rapidly uncovering various aspects of our normal lives. So much so, that many organizations are now using smarter data mining techniques to come up with personality insights by sniffing through various data sources including trail of breadcrumbs left all over. While just the personality insights might not be enough to predict an employee’s intent to join an organization or his future performance, many other factors are also being considered.

When Rubber meets the road

Imagine an employer already knows about a prospective candidate’s personality and other related attributes during the Pre-hire process. This when applied to automated Predictive analytics solutions can give highly accurate predictions on whether an employee is likely or not likely to join the organization. Now HR can not only control attrition post hiring, but also can make the pre-hiring process highly predictable and effective. With higher levels of prediction accuracy, organizations can minimize pre-hire dropouts.

So does the future predict 100% surety of Pre-Hire conversion?  Not in my view. However the time has come when we will definitely see substantial improvements as more information is gathered and inferred from multiple and alternate sources.

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