Performance is the most important criteria to deliver user experience of any websites or portal.  Users never like a portal with poor response time even though loaded with tons of rich features. It is also important to ensure portal is always accessible to ensure user experience. Liferay is one of the high performing and highly scalable portal platform but one needs to adhere to performance specific best practices to implement high performing Liferay portal based solutions.

We at CIGNEX Datamatics have implemented more than 200 large enterprise portal solutions based on Liferay since 2006. I was leading Liferay Practice at CIGNEX Datamatics with a staff of 240 Liferay experts.  We have tuned many Liferay based sites and also trained many administrators and developers of various organizations.  That clicked the idea of authoring a book which focuses on best practices of Liferay portal solutions to improve the performance. The book covers best practices associated with all the important aspects including architecture, design, component configuration, caching, and so on which play a very important role in system performance.

It is very vital to take right architectural decisions for implementing high performing Liferay based portal solutions.  It is important to size deployment architecture correctly to meet expected load.  It is critical to decide whether to go with cache replication or with centralize cache server to meet performance expectations.

Load balancing and clustering best practices in the book. Liferay portal comes with tons of features loaded in the bundle. For some specific Liferay portal based solution, all features may not be required but Liferay provides various configuration options to enable or disable certain features. The book explores all such finer aspects of configuration which can affect performance of the solution.  Apart from Liferay portal, the book also covers configuration best practices for other solution components like tomcat server, apache web server, caching, code development and more. Parameters driving the performance of any portal solution are dynamic in nature. It is important to tune them by simulating expected load. This is accomplished by load testing and benchmarking exercise. Best practices associated with load testing and benchmarking exercise for Liferay portal based solution have been incorporated in the book to give a 360 degree view of performance tuning.

I recommend this book as a must-read for architects, designers, developers and system administrators who are working on or interested in Liferay based solutions.

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Samir Bhatt
Principal Architect, CIGNEX Datamatics
Author of Liferay Portal Performance Best Practices
Co-author of Liferay Beginner’s Guide