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19 Oct 2021

When hiring a Drupal developer, you may come across various articles. Some of them are Drupal site builders who use the admin UI to create Drupal sites without having to write or update code.

A Drupal Themer, also known as a front-end developer, is an HTML, CSS, and JavaScript expert who transforms a Drupal design into a functional theme. Another position, Drupal Module Developer or Back-end Developer, is responsible for server-side development, which is done with PHP or other server-side languages.

You can hire a full-stack Drupal developer who fits all of the Drupal job profiles if you want an all-in-one Drupal developer. You must assess the benefits and drawbacks of hiring Drupal developers based on your needs.

Deciding on hiring the right Drupal developer is very important for your business project. The Drupal resource needs to be proficient and competent. How do you go about finding the right Drupal developer for your business project? This guide will provide you with the top hiring strategies for Drupal developers for your next project.

What is the Best Way to Hire Dedicated Drupal Resources?

You can hire via open source platforms, but you'll be responsible for conducting interviews and making travel arrangements if you do so. However, if you send your needs to a reputable outsourcing firm, you can rest assured that you will receive competent developers for your project.

Keep These Things in Mind When Hiring Drupal Developers on Contract -

Skill Set

Examine how much experience your Drupal developer has and what types of Drupal websites has they worked on. Hiring someone who has worked on a number of Drupal sites can assist you in completing the project successfully.

Communication Capabilities

When you're a team lead or an experienced developer, your Drupal developer should communicate on a business level to address challenges.

Working Environment

If you're hiring for a company, you'll want to make sure the Drupal developer is comfortable working in an office environment. If you're hiring a remote developer, ensure sure they have a reliable internet connection and a pleasant working environment.

Drupal community participation

Drupal actively encourages its individuals and teams to participate in the Drupal community. You should hire a Drupal developer who is involved in the Drupal community.

Acquia Certified

Acquia Certified is a certification program offered by Acquia for Drupal developers looking to advance their skills in a certain area of Drupal development. A qualified Drupal developer distinguishes out among the many Drupal experts available. Hiring a certified Drupal developer can help in accelerating the progress of your project and completing it within the desired timeframe.

Support and Maintenance

Drupal provides regular security updates, and your Drupal developer must be available when you need them. To ensure a smooth, secure, and seamless operation of your Drupal website, most Drupal developers offer Drupal support and maintenance services.

Third Party Integration

Third-party application integration should be a strong suit for Drupal specialist. Hire a Drupal developer who is experienced with integrating third-party apps such as CRM, ERP, marketing and automation.

PHP and Its Framework Expertise

Drupal is based on the PHP programming language. The latest Drupal 9 upgrade is based on the Symfony framework, so your Drupal developer should be comfortable with PHP and keen to learn and use PHP frameworks.

Drupal Security Information

Drupal is one of the safest and most secure content management system that is available on the market today. It is no stranger to security issues because it is an open-source platform. Drupal's security team works around the clock to keep it safe from threats and to release patches and updates. However, updating a Drupal site to make it safe and secure is ultimately up to the website owners or Drupal developers.


Hire a Drupal developer who is familiar with and comfortable with debugging. Debugging directs you to the root of the mistake and saves you a lot of time and frustration.


Hire a Drupal developer who is well-versed in Drupal CMS development modules and plugins. Drupal developer should also be aware of how to properly implement the module in accordance with the requirements. Theoretical knowledge isn't particularly useful when it comes to Drupal website development; rather, practical knowledge is required of every Drupal developer.

Capacity to Learn

It's critical to hire Drupal developers who can rapidly appreciate the importance of learning. In other words, it is expected that your developer would not know everything, but he or she should be eager to learn and absorb concepts rapidly.

Inquire about the design procedure

Inquire whether your Drupal developer uses any software or has a defined design process. You may rest confident that if they have a written strategy in place, they will handle the Drupal development process from start to finish like an expert.

Custom development expertise

Inquire if they are familiar with custom Drupal development. The majority of Drupal developers solely use the built-in templates when building a website. To create an out-of-the-box website, developers are required to be familiar with custom Drupal development.


A Drupal developer should provide you with a timeframe for your project based on the tasks you must do before it can begin. It assists you in making future plans.


We hope that these helpful pointers will assist you in hiring the best Drupal developer for your next project. CIGNEX is working with large enterprises where over 100 of their Drupal developers are working on contractual basis, As a result, we have the competency to help you with the right staffing services and hire talented Drupal developers. Share your requirements here to discuss your Drupal development needs -