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By rebecca sampson | 23 Jul 2021

Explore Beyond Traditional Work Models and Achieve Your Goals Faster

In a world where everything is technology-driven, it is imperative for organizations to hire dedicated resources. This is where the term dedicated hiring comes into the picture - A concept, highly recognized in today’s world as it allows organizations to reach its efficiency peak in a short span of time.

CIGNEX enables companies to simplify their hiring processes by helping them find top developers, experts, and consultants for hire on Flexible Engagement Models (Onsite/Offshore/Hybrid)

Why choose Dedicated Hiring?

Hiring someone is usually a process. You need to go through a ton of interview rounds, selection procedures and finally, once selected then the trainings begin. This usually takes up a lot of time to train an employee to get ready for a project.

Dedicated hiring allows companies the freedom to select freelance and contract software resources who are already experts in their fields with knowledgeable track records, to help and delve into the required project at lightning speed.

Some of its benefits are:

  • 100% Availability
  • Pay Resources for the time you hire them.
  • No Training Costs Incurred
  • Expert Professionals with Niche Specializations
  • Hire Resources Globally

At CIGNEX, we recognize that not all organizations have the same needs, which is why we provide a comprehensive range of options, which result in a hiring solution that’s both cost effective and superior in quality.


Confluent is an event streaming platform founded by the creators of Apache™ Kafka, to help enterprises solve the challenges of data integration by building stream processing applications that can leverage real-time data from anywhere in an organization. 

CIGNEX is a Confluent Registered Partner and provides enterprises with the right number and quality of resources to build Big Data and IoT applications using Apache Kafka & Confluent for real-time data streaming and analysis, or for their ongoing and upcoming projects.  The resources can be on boarded onto your projects within a mutually agreeable timeframe, regardless of the nature of the clients requirement, be it consulting, development, integration, implementation or support services.

Great talent is global and at CIGNEX they like to connect and build relationships with every client, in order to grow and achieve their goals and additionally, empower talent around the world.

Hiring Models at CIGNEX

In order to hire the right resource for your organization, CIGNEX has a rigorous vetting process which allows you to fill in the gaps your project needs with qualified resources to help achieve your business requirements.

To make your selection process easier, we have four hiring models which help you select the right resource for your organization


In this model, clients will receive niche technology and Confluent experts who can help clients with the adoption and implementation of industry best practices & technological innovations.


In this model, clients will receive experts to work on specific project needs and CIGNEX will ensure complete visibility and control into the progress. In this scenario, on demand onsite visits/presence shall be permitted.


In this model, clients will receive experts to effectively work on the project needs at the Client location and if required, onsite visits/presence will be scheduled which will help the resource receive a profound understanding of business requirement.


In this model, clients will receive experts who will be an extension of their own team providing support for internal requirements. These resources will plan and release successful deployments or implementations along with providing technical expertise to accelerate processes.


As we take utmost care in selection of our resources, we also have a well-defined process for easy resource hiring & deployment for our Clients. Here are the steps to Hire Kafka & Confluent Resources at CIGNEX:

Step 1

Share Requirement

So as a Client you’re ready to hire a professional resource. The first step would be to Share your requirement. Mention that what exactly it is that your company is looking for and how exactly do you want to address this project.  Be sure to add the -

  • Project Details (Single or Multiple Project)
  • Professional Skill Set Required
  • Project Timeline
  • Budget

Step 2

Discuss Project Feasibility

Clarifying project requirements will help connect organizations with the right professionals.  Discussing the nitty-gritties of a project is a crucial aspect. Be it timeline constraints or budget discussions, everything should be solidified before a contract (Sow) is prepared. The client should also inform in case a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is required.

Step 3

Choose Engagement Model

Next, the client can choose an engagement model best suited to their organizational needs and a decision can be made accordingly. Customizations can be made accordingly and discussed if required.

Step 4

Resource Deployment

On the successful selection of the resource, the on boarding process is initiated according to the engagement model selected by the client, the resource is deployed.

Step 5

Sign-off and Start

The stage marks the successful deployment of the resource that can best fulfil the objective of the project.

In conclusion, our team of Kafka-Confluent experts at CIGNEX can help you successfully implement your necessary additions & realize its business outcome as we come with a proven track record of delivering successful deployments globally. So what are you waiting for? Share your requirements with us today!