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29 Apr 2022

Node.js is one of the fastest-growing open-source platforms, with millions of websites using it for everything from online backend and frontend development to developing interactive mobile, tablet, and desktop apps. Businesses are embracing this platform to gain access to a wide range of API services, IoT device compatibility, chatbot development, and real-time collaboration capabilities.

Despite its widespread popularity and large number of users, it is difficult for businesses to hire Node JS developers who can meet development requirements. Either they are unsure of their decision or they are unable to hire dedicated NodeJS developers in the first place.

In this blog we will talk about all of the required information that will assist you in making the best decision for hiring an expert NodeJS developer. You'll learn about the abilities you should prioritize when hiring Node.js programmers, as well as the advantages of hiring them on contract.

Roles and Responsibilities of NodeJS Developers

Node JS developers are responsible in developing, implementing, and maintaining network apps. They are highly involved in the design of user interfaces and the development of code for the Windows, iOS, and Android platforms. NodeJS developers are committed to the following responsibilities when working on a Node JS mobile app development project -

  • Develop and manage all server-side logic/network components, as well as ensuring the core database's optimal performance.
  • Prioritize database queries and practice devoted high responsiveness to frontend requests.
  • To identify potential app vulnerabilities, implement the relevant security standards and data protection procedures.
  • To support the full software development lifecycle, prepare detailed reports and analytics.
  • To handle numerous business processes, create customer-centric interfaces and backend services.
  • Collaborate with frontend developers to ensure that parts are seamlessly integrated.
  • Write simple, reusable, and tested code to create performant web and mobile apps.
  • Perform automated and manual diagnostic tests, correct faults, and give end-to-end technical support.
  • Recommend and implement software development process and technology improvements.

Chart showing the NodeJS Market Position

Chart showing the NodeJS Market Position

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Key Skills of NodeJS Developer

Above were the roles and responsibilities you should look before hiring a NodeJS developer. Now we will talk about the key skills a top-tier developer should have -

  • NodeJS Development Experience

    A developer who is familiar with NodeJS will be able to implement their thoughts into action. They will also be able to tweak the existing modules to achieve the desired results.

  • Knowledge of NodeJS Frameworks

    Web developers may easily create web applications using a variety of frameworks. These frameworks assist them in developing applications that are cross-browser and cross-platform compatible. As a result, NodeJS developers should be well-versed in frameworks.

  • RESTful APIs and API Communication

    As the modern software development approach shifts from desktop to web-based, RESTful APIs are becoming increasingly significant. NodeJs is a fantastic framework for establishing communication between a client and a server. RESTful APIs enable seamless communication between the client and the server.

  • Front-End Development

    When interacting with a website through a browser, the front-end refers to what a user sees and interacts with. An expert NodeJS developer should have understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, as well as the libraries used in front-end development.

  • Third-party Technology Knowledge

    Hire a Node JS developer that is familiar with third-party modules like Passport. This will support in making the authentication and authorization processes simple. To support the total app development functions, good command of neighbouring frameworks and libraries such as Express.JS and Socket.IO is also essential.

  • Database expertise

    NodeJS is a framework that is extremely scalable. A developer, on the other hand, should be familiar with both data storage and database management systems. MongoDB, CouchDB, and other non-relational database systems are supported by NodeJS.

  • Error Handling Process

    The error handling method should be well-understood by NodeJS developers. NodeJS is based on event-based programming, which means that errors are handled by calling the error function shortly before an error happens.

  • Workflow Automation Knowledge

    Task runners and node package managers (npm) like Gulp and Grunt are essential for web application speed and efficiency. You want your software and programs to run smoothly and swiftly. This is a more advanced skill for web developers.

  • Cloud Platforms

    When hiring Node JS developers, look for individuals who have worked with popular cloud platforms like AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Heroku, and Netlify. This expertise should help them better grasp databases, analytics, servers, software, intelligence, and networking.

Benefits of Hiring NodeJS Developers

API Development & IntegrationPlugins DevelopmentUI/UX DevelopmentChat bot Development
Real-Time Chat AppsData Analysis ToolsDedicated Migration ServicesSupport and Maintenance

Final Thoughts

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It's a competitive market out there. As a result, you must contact a node js development business to ensure the success of your next project. However, if you're still having trouble finding developers, we can help. As a professional team of highly skilled web developers, we at CIGNEX can provide you with skilled NodeJS developers.

When you hire NodeJS developers from CIGNEX, you have the following benefits -

  • Dedicated development team and experienced project manager
  • End-to-end consultation
  • Demos and immediate reporting are all part of effective communication
  • Flexible hiring models
  • Complete confidentiality and source code protection are guaranteed
  • Agile software development methodology