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10 Jan 2022

The thing to keep in mind while looking to hire ServiceNow Developers, is that those you hire won't be working on the platform, but working with it. You are not hiring software engineers to develop applications to extend the feature set of the ServiceNow service. You will, however, be hiring developers who can function within the confines of a predefined workflow. You are looking for someone who is familiar and skilled in the various aspects of designing, developing, implementing solutions and providing support based on ServiceNow technologies. Such individuals are also responsible for identifying business requirements and creating a technical solution. 

Before we talk about what a ServiceNow developer does and how they can help make your life easier, let's understand what ServiceNow can do for businesses. ServiceNow automates existing processes and workflows and can be aligned with any and every business functionality. In the current and post pandemic world, Automation and Digital Transformation are the key aspects of any business. Various industries like Retail, Manufacturing, Healthcare & Pharma, Banking & Financial Services, Telecommunications, etc. have adopted automation exponentially.

As with any technology platform, its success relies on the people who implement and integrate the program into the business culture. While implementing ServiceNow, it should be kept in mind that its maintenance and support plays a vital role in leveraging the tool to achieve optimum efficiency and excellence. But managing these aspects in-house could prove overwhelming on the cost and the efficiency front. In situations like these, companies with a relatively low ITSM and ServiceNow experience need an alternative solution that saves cost, time, and the efforts incurred in dealing with ServiceNow support and maintenance. It is important to remember that how much is gained rather than how much it costs. It's imperative to cross several boxes and check for certain qualities before proceeding to consult with any service provider.

Like most metro markets today, finding a proper ServiceNow talent is a seller's market. The demand for experienced team members with technical depth and breadth in ServiceNow has never been higher. With the competition in today's market, combined with the talent crisis and high expectations, the scope of finding potential candidates grows smaller and smaller. When combined with the necessary soft-skills, you may find that your selection is quite slim, or nonexistent. So, how do you figure out which candidate to hire? Here are a few things to consider and evaluate.

Qualifications and Expertise required

ServiceNow Developers mostly have a computer science or IT background, and they must be able to work with a variety of technologies. They must also be able to think strategically and creatively, as well as be able to manage projects and work with teams. Apart from being a Certified ServiceNow Developer, they should also be experienced in:

  • Java, HTML, Javascript and CSS
  • Web technologies - HTML or XML
  • API integrations with other systems
  • Strong design and programming skills
  • Configuration of ServiceNow's ITSM service catalog
  • AngularJS, React and Bootstrap
  • Customer service management applications
  • Now platform and its applications

Overall experience of the candidate

It should be kept in mind while hiring, that a ServiceNow Developer has several projects and years of working with ServiceNow products under his/her belt. Like all jobs and positions, experience matters when it comes to making those crucial decisions. 3+ years of relevant experience certainly adds value.

Roles and Responsibilities they have to shoulder

ServiceNow developers are responsible for managing the ServiceNow platform that an organization utilizes to manage its operations. They work with clients to understand their needs, design and build solutions, and implement and test them. Apart from that they also provide support and maintenance for the solutions they create. Thus the job requirement of a ServiceNow developer includes:

  • Developing, installing, implementing, and troubleshooting ServiceNow applications
  • Migrating data from legacy or other systems
  • Integrating ServiceNow with various IT infrastructure management systems, other ITSM solutions, Cloud Services, CRM, ERP, Intranets, etc.
  • Learning about the latest developments and updating accordingly
  • Training, documentation, and support
  • Coding and reviewing them to ensure that it is being met with regard to coding standards, integration, extensibility, and security.
  • Develop enhancements for applications developed by the enterprise application development team.
  • Ensuring that the software behaves as designed by testing it for bugs and performance during all stages of the development process

Other skills to look out for

Apart from being qualified and experienced, a ServiceNow expert should always keep an open mind in the ever changing industry shifts. He/she should be adaptive, inquisitive and should come up with out of the box ideas. The expert should also understand business acumen and identify areas for improvement. He/she should be able to configure the Now platform to best suit your business's needs and modify it to make it more personalised and user-friendly. This will allow organizations to combat business challenges, fix loopholes, remove roadblocks and accelerate digital transformation. Soft skills and understanding of business lingo is also a required field in order to communicate efficiently and addressing issues and challenges. Working capability in terms of remote support and strong ethics should be considered too.


Hiring a ServiceNow expert is not as easy as it may seem hence I've tried to provide the most important tips in this post. Take time to understand the market and determine exactly what you need. Change interview structures and evaluate the best methods to recruit ServiceNow candidates. Be quick, decisive and flexible on requirements.

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