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19 Apr 2022

Frontend web development is critical for a variety of reasons, including improving website performance and user experience, as well as increasing visitor retention and lowering bounce rates. However, with so many options, picking the ideal programming tool can be difficult. Among the top tools Angular, which is maintained by Google is a very popular frontend JavaScript framework.

It becomes important to select the appropriate tools and developers for front-end development. Angular is one of these tools, and it's no surprise that it's the industry's second most popular front-end development tool behind React. We'll concentrate on the Angular framework in this post because of its broad scope and features.

It is better to understand the hiring process if you wish to hire AngularJS developers. It involves an understanding of the developer's skills, roles, and responsibilities, as well as knowing what hard and soft skills questions to ask them and where to look for them.

So, what are the steps and costs associated with hiring an AngularJS development company? This guide will take you through the process of hiring AngularJS developers. Let's discuss this and other topics.

What is Angular?

To hire an Angular programmer, you must first have a thorough understanding of what Angular is and what it is utilised for. AngularJS is an open-source framework developed and supported by Google. AngularJS was the name given to the framework when it was first released in 2010; however following a complete makeover in 2014, it was renamed Angular 2 or just Angular.

Angular Framework Use Cases

Angular, like any other technology, has its own distinct scope. If you want to engage an Angular developer to work on your project, you must first understand the possibilities of Angular so that you can properly apply them.  Even though Angular is primarily a front-end framework, there are a few instances where it excels:

Enterprise Level Web development

For organisations of all sizes and in different sectors, Angular is a superb platform for creating scalable and versatile web and mobile apps. Addition to flexibility, businesses gain a secure solution that they can rely on, in.


Due to the evolution of technology, porting old apps to Angular is a great choice for improving the operation of enterprise applications, their performance, flexibility, and growing functionality.

UI/UX Development

Angular is a part of front-end development. Angular extends the possibilities of building a custom design for web apps that is consistent with corporate branding and provides a distinctive and enjoyable user experience.

Custom Web Development

Highly specialised enterprises require web solutions that are quick, versatile, and dependable. Angular allows you to achieve any business demand, and it will be a trustworthy technical tool for corporate development in the future.

Must Have Skillsets of AngularJS Developer&

It is important to define AngularJS roles and responsibilities and what is expected from an AngularJS developer. This is essential information for hiring AngularJS developers and avoiding costly errors.

AngularJS developer should have a strong understanding of fundamental JavaScript, HTML, and CSS in addition to being experts with the Angular framework. They must also be familiar with UI/UX ideas, element locations, and interactivity. It's also a big plus if you've worked with REST APIs before. AngularJS programmers will be accountable for a number of specific tasks in addition to this knowledge.

Responsibilities of an AngularJS developer can be -

  • Building user interface services
  • Building Component and module
  • Frontend/REST API building
  • Unit testing after the development process
  • Development of high-performance software

When it comes to AngularJS developer skills it is measured depending upon the experience of the developer. This can be divided into three categories -

Entry Level Developer Skills

  • Write JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and possibly additional languages.
  • Use open-source libraries like JavaScript, TypeScript, and Angular.
  • Utilize CSS precompilers like LESS and Sass.
  • Understanding of JavaScript-based development tools
  • Understanding of XML (AJAX)
  • Communication, problem-solving, and analytical abilities are all important.
  • Optimize your search engine optimization for single-page applications.

Mid-Level Developer Skills

When you hire a mid-level AngularJS developer, he has more knowledge and experience in the development field. Depending on your project requirements you can rely on the skills of the developer. They should be able to do the following -

  • Perform all of the functions of an entry-level AngularJS developer, including eye-catching, high-performance visual effects and fast frames/second (FPS)
  • Write non-blocking code
  • Unit testing.
  • User action validation
  • Create scripts for CIE B
  • Uild front-end infrastructure scripts

Expert Level Skills

A senior-level AngularJS developer should have a wealth of experience gained over many years in the field. When you want to build complex websites or applications, you should hire AngularJS developer with expert level skills for desired results. They will be able to do the following:

  • Perform all AngularJS developer tasks that an entry-level and mid-level AngularJS developer would.
  • Work with complex RESTful architecture.
  • Utilize browser APIs
  • Implement the major Typescripts like decorators, generic types, enums, and unions.
  • Socket management
  • Use DRY, KISS, and SOLID approaches.

Responsibilities of AngularJS Developer

Front-End Development

The primary job of an AngularJS developer is to implement a user friendly front-end in the form of web and mobile app, specifically when it comes to single-page applications. They also understand how to design an interactive website that attracts, impresses, and retains visitors. It's also critical that they design and code in accordance with AngularJS best practises.

Developing RESTful APIs

AngularJS front-end coders and back-end developers go together. They are a wonderful match since they work together to ensure that single-page applications are in sync and meet the required criteria.

Implementation of JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and Other Techniques

Hire an Angular developer who can implement different codes. They should be able to implement code skilfully and without errors, from JavaScript and HTML to CSS and more.

External Data

A good AngularJS developer would have excellent coding abilities as well as investigative abilities. An expert developer will be able to extract data from a third-party or from outside sources.

Unit Testing

An AngularJS developer is responsible for unit testing. The key to long-term success is testing code, components, and services, among other things.

Bug Fixing

When you hire an AngularJS developer, He is responsible for clean code that delivers outcomes, not error messages, whether they are smoothing out the kinks of newly incorporated features or addressing old flaws.

Where to Hire Expert AngularJS Developer From?

Hiring an Angular programmer through an IT staffing company is a terrific way to get started. Third-party outsourcing is a low-cost, no-risk approach to complete Angular development. It's usually less expensive than recruiting in-house team members, and the hiring process is quick and transparent. You will also get quick and immediate answers to your queries and concerns about your project development from the team.

Employ Offshore IT Staffing Company

When you need AngularJS development, working with a respected IT offshore staffing company is another option. Staff augmentation saves time and money while also ensuring that the project is completed professionally and your inputs are followed. In addition, labour overhead and recruiting fees are reduced by up to 30%.

How to Hire AngularJS Developers from CIGNEX

When it comes to Angular developers for hire, CIGNEX provides top-notch talent that exceeds your project's requirements. Our strategy is both effective and adaptable. Our Angular coders collaborate directly with you to fulfil deadlines, achieve objectives, and maximise your returns. Consider us an extension of your IT team-we provide end-to-end solutions and continuous support and maintenance in the future if you need us.

Our hiring process is quick and transparent with minimum steps. We begin by determining the degree of Angular development you require, creating a job description, and selecting the resources. After that, you set up interviews with possible team members and decide the candidate that matches your project requirements. Last but not least, we get down to business. Simply welcome your new team members and offer them their initial responsibilities.

You can hire AngularJS developers having wealth of experience and the ability to make a positive difference on your project.  Our knowledge of Angular is not limited. From AngularJS and Angular 2, to React, HTML/CSS, and Vue, our engineers have seen it all. Contact us to schedule a call to discuss all your needs!