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Knowledge is been identified as a key organizational resource for generating competitive advantage over other firms. Knowledge of the enterprise is unique, valuable, difficult to imitate and the result of a firm's history, structure and culture over time. There are many information technologies that enterprises may choose in order to effectively manage the valuable resource. All the technologies can be organized in form of knowledge management system which besides technological has social components.
This article deals with the practical realities of knowledge management by focusing on a tangible, pragmatic entity. Primary focus is to analyze possible aims of knowledge management portal system and to briefly explain factors that critically influence success of the organizations.
Knowledge management is the process of capturing collective expertise from various sources, and distributing it to help produce the biggest payoff. Enterprises nowadays live in an overflow of information, produced both internally and externally.
Today's economy has benefits from contemporary information and communication technologies (Internet, wireless communication, satellites, computer networks, videoconferences, etc.) in exchange of ideas and knowledge inside and between organizations that is increasing efficiency of economic activities. Advancements in the information and communication technologies have facilitated creation, storage and transfer of knowledge. Globalization, enhanced international competition and philosophy of free market are the leading forces of the advancement, as is illustratively shown in below diagram.

The influence of the IT is not related only to support of strategy implementation, but strategy formulation, so IT is deemed as a very important strategic resource. IT is becoming essential strategic resource by the impact of technological and competitive factors as shown in diagram below.

The important issue that is related to managing knowledge is about capturing and integrating. It means knowledge is not valuable and useful if it cannot be shared. Therefore, in the network of computer systems with features for communication and information sharing, the methods for managing and integrating knowledge, improve the effect and efficiency. Information system is established in organizations to facilitate the collection, integration and dissemination of knowledge. These systems are in fact, the components of knowledge management portal solution. Portals support knowledge management processes. Generally, a portal defines as a web site with a highlighted feature: provides quick access to services and personalized information. Basically, web portals collect a sort of applicable information resources into a single, "one-stop” Web page; this function helps to prevent users from feeling lost on the Web.

Open Source Approach to Knowledge Management Portal Solution

Advantages of Alfresco & YUI Integrated Knowledge Management Portal Solution

  • Enterprise Open Source with Open Standards
    • Reduced risks as support is available for enterprise
    • Freedom to develop
  • Growing Community of Users and Developers
    • Providing an increasingly rich selection of  off-the-shelf plug-ins and components
  • Integration Flexibility
    • Ability to integrate with multiple disparate systems, applications
  • OOTB Functionality
    • Can be extended via hooks or plug-ins resulting in faster development & reduced cost
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