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By rebecca sampson | 16 Dec 2020

Liferay has rolled out a range of technology solutions that add immense value to businesses across multiple industry verticals. One such solution is Liferay Commerce. This solution has been specifically designed for those carrying out online retail business. Integrating this solution unlocks many advantages for an eCommerce business.

What is Liferay Commerce?

Liferay Commerce is designed to elevate customer experiences with the help of technology. It can serve amazing value to both, B2C and B2B businesses with its innovative content management system.

Traditional eCommerce sites may not have the avenue available to capture data from different structured and unstructured sources, and utilize the insights to elevate the level of the customer experience offered by the store.

But with Liferay Commerce, all such insightful data is presented on a single platform. This advantage helps provide actionable decision-making cues to the leadership of the business. This USP, in turn, future proofs your digital commerce strategy with a stellar customer experience.

Why should your business use it?

Here are some innovative features that make the Liferay Commerce a must-have for a future-ready business in digital commerce.

Catalog Management

Catalog management is one of the most challenging activities for an eCommerce business. A digital commerce business would deal in thousands of products that go through many updates every few days. Liferay Commerce makes the process streamlined and smoother. As a result, you get to present your products in the best way possible online.

Product Content Management

Any product listed on the site will have a lot of data and information listed with it. Be it the images, pricing, or the compelling product description copy, there are many elements to manage for every single product. The problem is exacerbated with thousands of products and their variants listed on the site. Liferay Commerce offers 100% support for knowledge bases and rich media for your catalog.

Inventory Management

With Liferay Commerce, the only manual entry done is at the point of origin when the product first arrives at the company’s warehouse. For its movement and accurate inventory management, the solution takes over with its power-packed features. It offers the business owner the correct stock position at any given point in time. The solution facilitates management of multiple warehouses in different locations. As a result, it accelerates the efficacy of the store’s inventory management system.


All price updates are time-sensitive and need to be updated in real-time to capture shoppers’ attention. You definitely shouldn’t face customer attrition just because your product listing had a higher price listing than other stores. The challenge becomes pronounced with time-bound offers and promotions that have to be shown on the store for the right product across select locations.

On Liferay, the user can easily overcome these challenges by assigning a unique Stock Keeping Unit (SKU). The system is capable of assigning the right pricing to the right group of items. You can update variables like Price List and Discount to maintain the correct pricing level at any given point in time.

In conclusion -

Liferay Commerce goes a long way in bringing customers, business, and content on a single feature-packed platform. Connect with our Liferay specialists at CIGNEX to integrate Liferay DXP Commerce into your eCommerce business.

We offer consulting, app development, and DXP upgrade to let you capitalize on the powerful Liferay Commerce solution. We can help make your business stronger and help augment your toplines with an agile CMS that speeds up business transformation for your online store.

Reach us at or sign up for a free consultation here.