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11 Jan 2023

Opportunities and Challenges of the Healthcare Industry

To improve the success of your healthcare company, it is important to develop an accessible healthcare website that can help patients find information quickly and easily. Creating such an experience, though, is easier said than done. Luckily, Liferay Digital Experience Platform (DXP) can help medical companies simplify and optimize their healthcare websites for enhanced user experience. By centring the experience on the user, Liferay is able to boost your traffic, broaden potential services, and assist employees in their work.

Organizations in the healthcare sector have typically been slow to adopt new technologies and procedures. In the past few years digital transformation has empowered healthcare organizations to beat common industry challenges and create seamless Omni-channel experiences for customers, patients, and providers.

In this article, we will examine how healthcare providers and organizations have implemented Liferay's flexible enterprise-ready platform to design personalized patient portals, consolidated electronic health records, updated integrated systems, and productive intranet platforms.

Healthcare organizations have not embraced digital technology as quickly as they might have hoped, but they are beginning to see the benefits of change. Improving patient care, optimizing operational efficiency, and tackling everyday industry challenges such as efficiently organizing patient records are all possible through digital transformation.

Healthcare Industry Challenges-

  • The lack of communication between patients, providers, and physicians can lead to unnecessary medical procedures
  • Unreliable legacy system and non-integrated technologies
  • A lack of a unified framework for managing large volumes of data
  • Adoption of new technologies is slow
  • Data security of patient confidentiality
  • Lack of affordable patient care services
  • Absence of an Omni channel experience
  • Poor system integration
  • Poor patient engagement and query resolution

Portals for the Healthcare Industry

People deserve a logical and coherent method of accessing their information, and healthcare websites can offer this. By granting users a seamless digital experience, you will be able to connect more easily with your patients' providers, doctors, and hospital staff. This accelerates the medical process for all parties.

To solve the above mentioned challenges and change the healthcare industry, a powerful digital platform is required-LiferayDXP. Take advantage of an open-source and enterprise-ready platform for your business to build tailored solutions to tackle these pain points. Here are some examples of ways Liferay's platform has been used by healthcare providers and organizations to solve their problems.

  • Electronic Health Records

    The standardization of electronic health records in the U.S., coupled with the advent of Liferay as a leading open source enterprise web application platform, has enabled hospitals and healthcare providers to integrate disparate software systems into a single comprehensive portal for convenient access.

  • Intranet Platform

    Liferay's website development services benefit both healthcare employees and patients. The company's intranet system encourages better internal communication and efficiency, while ensuring that employees stay up to date on business information.

  • Custom Patient Portal

    The healthcare industry benefits from the customizable features of Liferay, a portal system that helps healthcare organizations provide personalized patient experiences. Liferay offers a fully customizable portal service that caters to the unique needs of each patient, reducing support calls and increasing site traffic while reducing IT involvement. The user experience is also significantly improved by the mobile friendliness of Liferay's portals.

  • Scalable Platform

    Liferay provides scalable, flexible development and administration solutions that can be tailored to meet your company's needs. This gives you improved access to information, content management capabilities, and integration with legacy systems.

  • Telemedicine Solution

    New technologies are changing the way patients receive healthcare and other organizations need technology that can adapt to changing times. Thanks to Liferay's portal capabilities, building out or integrating a telemedicine solution is more accessible than ever before.

    Liferay-the leading content management system-can help you enhance your healthcare company's digital presence with features that include content targeting, forums, data protection, search functionality and more.

Final Thoughts

Liferay DXP empowers healthcare providers to provide a seamless, Omni channel experience for their patients and customers. The platform allows doctors, hospitals and other healthcare organizations to create personalized, heightened digital experiences that meet the needs of patients while providing value to providers.

CIGNEX is a Liferay partner which works with the leading provider of enterprise content management software to help businesses, organizations, and individuals better their online experiences. With Liferay implementation, consulting and managed services, we deliver superior patient experiences for healthcare organizations around the world. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you upgrade to the latest version of Liferay DXP 7.4 to improve your online presence.