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27 Dec 2021

Over the previous decade, the manufacturing industry has been confronted with disruption from big data, Industry 4.0, and currently with situations such as the COVID-19 and other new variants at large.  Keeping in mind that it appears as though manufacturers are beginning to rise up out of the pandemic, we realize that this positively won't be the last emergency they would be wrestling against. Now the question is, what can manufacturers do as so that they can brace themselves before each new flood of disruption?

Read on to know about the different ways manufacturers can utilize to stand firm during these tumultuous times.

According to a recent survey by the Manufacturing Leadership Council, approximately 80% of the people associated had stated that there is a new urgency that is directing their organizations towards growing their investments in new technologies.

Following are methods for utilizing advanced techniques to future-proof their business.

Creating Digital Customer Experiences

A recent study suggests that over 75% of manufacturers' today state that the digital experiences they offer to their clients' falls through a customer-centricity gap.

Despite the fact that the "customer experience" has been a trendy expression for a long time, it's even more pertinent for manufactures today. They that can effectively serve their clients digitally, will have the higher ground, particularly now. A well thought out digital experience will consist of something beyond having the option to place orders on the web. Manufacturers should ensure that their online experiences are centered on making their clients' purchasing processes simpler.

Creating Actionable Data

Despite the fact that manufacturers can capture information, only about half of them have real-time tools for collaboration that can transform the data gathered into information so that the representatives or partners can go about their regular responsibilities.

Sometimes, most manufacturers are obstructed by siloed legacy frameworks, which forestall a joint perspective on every piece of data a manufacturer might have.

To have the option to stand the ground against future disruptions, manufacturers need to begin equipping themselves with data to make necessary and mandatory upgrades.

Creating a Connected Ecosystem

Manufacturers can't work as a solitary entity, however they should figure out how to work successfully inside a noteworthy global ecosystem. This implies having great and viable correspondence with suppliers, providers, sellers, etc., and handing them modern tools and resources to advance joint effort and collaboration. For instance, manufacturers can bring together significant data providers and distributers via a simple portal, such as Liferay.

Liferay Digital Experience Solutions for Manufacturers

Liferay provides manufacturers with solutions to help them strategize to deliver an effortless digital experience that helps them to get ahead of the competition and scale revenue.

B2B Commerce Solution

This helps manufacturers deliver superior customer experiences, support complex B2B requirements, and drive adoption of their online sales channels utilizing digital experience tools with powerful commerce capabilities which include Site and Content Management, Order Management, Shopping Experiences, Self Service Account Management, Integrations and Connectors as well as Sales and Service Rep Support. Here's a quick whitepaper we have just launched in collaboration with Liferay which mentions a list of 7 critical considerations one can undertake while evaluating the right guide for their business to succeed. Do give it a read!

Distributor & Supplier Portal Solution

This helps manufacturers equip their distributors and suppliers to maximize their sales with easy access to critical knowledge and documentation, branding guidance, and product information. The portal features include modern user experience, user management; multi-tenancy, role-based content delivery, social collaboration and much more.

Self-Service Customer Portal Solution

This helps manufacturers improve customer loyalty and reduce cost-to-serve with a self-service portal that streamlines processes and empower customers to manage their accounts, access knowledge, and solve problems independently. This solution can help increase the reuse of existing content with smart content recommendations, engage customers and find opportunities to improve through feedback forms and much more.

Integration Platform Solution

This helps manufacturers connect all their data sources and easily integrate into backend systems like their ERP, PIM, and CRM, to provide a unified view of accurate, real-time data on a single platform. In other words, this solution helps remove inefficiencies in communication and operations with shared document repositories and customised workflows that unite business units.

The Liferay and CIGNEX Advantage

CIGNEX has been delivering enterprise class solutions, built using leading platforms such as Liferay & can easily be integrated with existing systems to achieve unparalleled results.

Having been associated with Liferay for over a decade as a Silver Partner, CIGNEX has many accolades up its sleeve. Having implemented over 350 enterprise solutions using Liferay across all major industry verticals, CIGNEX offers a full range of Liferay services that include development, Upgrade & Migration, Performance tuning, and support. With profound experience and consultative approach, CIGNEX acts as your true business partner in your success than just being a service partner.

With over a 125+ Liferay consultants with DXP, Cloud & Commerce certifications, CIGNEX is a full-fledged Liferay powerhouse to undertake all your Liferay based issues. Contact us at and we shall reach out to you.