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17 Feb 2016

Magento is not celebrated as the world’s leading e-commerce platform for no reason. As a business owner, you get multiple advantages in choosing Magento over other website creation tools for your business because of following reasons

  • It facilitates cost efficient and rapid development. It provides multiple features for successful creation and maintenance of your e-portal. It offers Magento templates, Add-ons, Widgets, Magento Modules that are free as well as paid, depending on the type of solution selected. 
  • You can be assured of constant business growth with Magento, as it has inbuilt search engine optimization (SEO) tools that drive natural and organic user traffic towards your e-commerce web destination.
  • Carrying a proliferating and competitive community behind its back, Magento could be trusted for error free results and performance that can boost your e-commerce business prospects.

With the release of Magento 2.0, the company offers sustainable, easy to maintain and future oriented development tools that can bring more profit for your online retail business. Let’s take a brief note of top ten features that make it a must have web platform for all your ecommerce portal development and management requirements

1) Theme Development

If you cherish offering theme based web experience to your audience, Magento 2.0 is the right ecommerce platform for you. Bringing in plain black background for the developers, it makes adding specified themes easier. The theme development features could be chosen one at a time.

2) Easy Migration
If you had been using the last version of Magento, upgrading from it to the recent Magento 2.0 is easier through its migration tool. When you use this tool for migration, it brings in easy migration of attributes, logs, shop settings, customers, orders, EAV, catalogues and categories etc.

3) Backup Not a Problem Anymore
Taking periodic backup of your data is not a tedious task anymore. Being a business owner, you can ensure safety and synchronicity of your data by using Magento 2.0’s handy command tools. Rollback feature keeps the website in ‘maintenance mode’ which is switched back to normal mode once system (including significant media and files) is restored.

4) Easy Upgrade of Modules and Core Files
With PHP based composer function, it has become convenient to upgrade files into suitable modules. Whenever a system upgrade is performed, all core files and modules get refreshed and updated. It makes way for flawless data access in time bound business scenarios.

5) Three Mode Availability
Magento 2.0 can be used in three different modes such as developer mode, default mode and production mode. Developer mode is used for static file creation and detailed error reporting. Production mode offers best web experience and saves the exception files to the log. Default mode has limited usage.  

6) Managing and Installing Modules
New modules can be saved by providing version and repository details to the composer.json. The module will be installed after running the bin/magento CLI tool. General commands include
Module: Disable – Disables specific module
Module: Enable – Enables specific module
Module: Status – Shows module’s status
Module: Uninstall – Uninstalls the chosen modules

7) Compliance with PSR
Magento 2.0 provides set of instructions under the PHP Standards Recommendation.
Three different standards namely PSR – 0, PSR – 1 and PSR- 2 could be applied wherein specific instructions are automatically coded for web designing. Specific commands are provided to the developers which help in website development and has PHP compliant coding.

8) Amazing Performance Combined with Great Scalability
Magento 2.0 brings in futuristic tools like developed indexers, high end performing toolkit, integrated Varnish catching and complete one page catching etc. Guided set of information makes managing your e-portal an easy job and saves a lot of time for you being the business owner.

9) Power to the Admin
Easy to comprehend and use tools inside the platform of Magento 2.0 make it convenient for the admin to manage the portal. There is help on everything and the user interface is clear, thus giving you the ease of managing operations and dividing user rights to manage your ecommerce portal.

10) Amazing Architecture
As we know that Magento 2.0 is based on modular makeup, so that website consisting of such modules could be broken down into smaller subsystems which could be hosted on various servers. This helps to match the scalability, performance and safety requirements of your specific e-commerce platform.

Retailers’ expectations from Magento 2.0
With improved data grid and drag and drop reordering, data can be managed smoothly on the ecommerce platform by the retailers themselves. Ensuring huge volume of data storage, numerous products can be added along with text and color swatch features in the product section. Retailers can expect better transparency now during ecommerce transactions due to improved checkout specifications provided by Magento 2.0. Enabling automatic guest checkout and identifying user on the basis of registered email makes the process of e purchasing hassle free. The upgraded Magento 2.0 also brings in the promise of improved catalogue as well as modified cart inside the e-commerce integrated platform.

With its versatile management tools and easy coding and security features, Magento 2.0 ensures great performance. It provides tremendous ease of development from the developer’s perspective and fruitful from the business owner’s view. All these advantages help the new Magento 2.0 provide an elevated user experience to the shopper.
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