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05 Aug 2016

Digitization has caused significant transformations in numerous sectors. From industrial and service-oriented to allied sectors, this phenomenon has completely revolutionized the business landscape. Business automation happens to be one of the most crucial effects of digitization. Take a look around, and you will discover scores of companies embracing automation to their benefits. From core business tasks to associated operations, automation seems to be the go-to solution for a myriad range of business challenges.

It’s evident that such increasing dependence on business automation will lead to the emergence of integrated platforms. And these platforms will be the key to earning more clients alongside achieving unsurpassed convenience.

Several service-oriented sectors such as law and others have opted for automated platforms. By utilizing and leveraging the power of these platforms, enterprises are reaching out to a wider clientele.

What’s in there for the media industry?

Digital advertisement sale happens to be a highly crucial task for media industries. And the entire process involves quite a few steps affecting every significant area of the organization. From billing and production planning to revenue reporting and print-site managements, you will have to establish streamlined connections between all of them.

Gone are the days when all these functions were carried out manually. Quite naturally, the possibilities of operational glitches and critical issues were quite high, thus affecting the overall productivity of your enterprise.

Having an integrated ad booking system for your organization will turn out to be highly beneficial in this regard. By helping you optimize your sales opportunities and meeting your inefficiencies, an integrated ad booking system can save you the horrors of operational glitches.

Let’s get down to the basics and find out how a Magento-based ad booking platform will help you streamline your organizational operations.

Knowing the challenges

If you are into the media and advertising sector, ad booking and subscriptions will rank amongst the most important functions. Integrated ad booking platforms will help you perform these tasks conveniently. However, it will be imperative to know the ad booking challenges to comprehend the benefits of a Magento-based platform.

While dealing with digital ad booking, media experts across numerous channels will face the following challenges.

  • Inability to combine print and digital advertising in a single order
  • Existing ordering systems are inflexible and do not have Salesforce integrations
  • Inefficiencies in creating revenue report within single documents
  • Poor and non-functional legacy systems causing issues in innovation
  • Integration issues between Salesforce and digital ad servers
  • Inability to optimize cross-sell and up-sell opportunities

While these are some of the most critical issues in digital ad booking, you might also come across the following challenges in ad subscriptions. Some of the subscription challenges include:

  • Inability to bundle print and digital products within a single order
  • Inability to handle in-life changes in customer subscription orders
  • Absence of integrated view of customer history

A highly functional Magento-based ad booking platform will render the most useful assistance in meeting these challenges. And with that brief account on the glitches, it’s high time to identify what the platform can do for media professionals.

Benefits of the system

With the help of this unique media platform, you will achieve cross-media booking facilities supported by live integrations. As the result, your entire sales lifecycle, right from the inception to the execution will be smooth and hassle-free.

Here are some of the other crucial benefits worth considering:

  1. Integrated functioning: Right from the initial sales pitch to the production process, the Magento-based ad booking platform will help you reduce all the critical silos.
  2. Single-system solution: With this platform, you will have the opportunity to reduce ad booking hassles across numerous media sectors. From digital and print to radio and TV, media professionals can handle multi-channel ad booking operations.
  3. Extensive support for multiple business models: From print sales to paywalls, you will achieve support for every single business model. The system will also help you deal with initial product configurations, invoicing, and pricing.

Parting thoughts

With these benefits, a highly interactive, easy-to-use, and intuitive ad booking platform will turn out to be the best solution for your media agency. Investing in this Magento-based platform will inevitably prove to be fruitful. Opt for it and reap the benefits for your media agency.

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