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28 Nov 2022

Liferay Experience Cloud (LXC)

The Liferay cloud is the best platform for any organization that has large amounts of data and needs a rapidly-growing IT infrastructure. Whether you choose one of the standard plans or your own development library and infrastructure, we have a solution for you.

If you are an organization looking for a greater level of digital innovation and collaboration, Liferay is one of the best options available. Liferay Cloud makes it easy for businesses to upgrade their portals with custom software solutions that are built on top of Liferay.

Open flexible Cloud-based and lightning fast - Liferay cloud is a modern, enterprise-grade web portal and content management system that simplifies the process of building and managing your organization's websites, intranets, and extranets.

With accelerating innovation, you need to be looking at the latest technologies to help your organization move forward. Using the Liferay platform, your organization can create its own fully customizable, enterprise-ready web experience independently or within a pre-defined corporate identity. This approach ensures that you have full control over the product upgrade lifecycle and are able to test out new functionality quickly.

How Can Liferay Experience Cloud Help Your Organization?

Liferay Experience Cloud is open source web applications that can help your organization accelerate your digital innovation. Developers benefit from an open source platform with hundreds of integrated tools and services.

Liferay Experience Cloud is a powerful platform that allows you to create, host, and deliver content to your users in the cloud. This makes it easy for you to customize your content according to your needs and make sure that it's always up-to-date with the latest trends.

Running digital solutions across the globe can be costly and difficult. Liferay cloud allows you to host and manage the infrastructure of your solutions so that you don't have to worry about scaling, upgrading, security or maintenance.

The updates automatically keep the platform up to date with the latest version of Liferay DXP and critical security updates so you can always count on the innovation velocity of Liferay without worrying about upgrades or keeping up to date with new features.

With Liferay cloud you can-

  • Solve complex problems with highly personalized digital experiences
  • Empower your organization to respond to digital disruptions faster with speed and agility
  • Reduce total cost of ownership and optimize spend by leveraging Liferay's best-in-class software
  • Save considerable time and effort in extending Liferay capabilities with out-of-the box functionalities provided by our seasoned Lifers

In short, Liferay Experience Cloud can help you speed up innovation for today's digital world.

Manage Content

Manage, organize, and create content more efficiently by fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing. Manage users and accounts more efficiently by delivering tailored experiences to connect on a personal level. Launch tailored solutions quickly without compromising quality by simplifying complex commerce.

  • Improved Content Management, Organization, and Creation
  • Encourage improved communication and knowledge sharing
  • More Effective User and Account Management
  • Deliver Customized Experiences to Establish Personal Connections
  • More Effectively Manage Content and Related Operations
  • Quickly introduce customised solutions

Manage Your Solutions over Cloud

Liferay Experience Cloud empowers you to launch and scale your solutions faster, easier and more professionally by leveraging the experience of experts. Liferay's flexible DXP-as-a-Service offering allows you to create, launch, and optimize digital solutions with the agility and convenience of a hosted SaaS platform.

With Liferay DXP, you can reduce the time it takes to implement your solutions and eliminate the cost of upgrading or maintaining them. Start with what you need today, and scale up as your business grows. This is the next evolution for Liferay-a streamlined platform that will enable customers to deliver powerful, scalable solutions faster than ever before.

Final Thoughts

CIGNEX being a Liferay partner strives to provide simpler ways to help you solve business challenges more efficiently. Our certified Liferay Experience Cloud experts combine Liferay DXP and cloud platform capabilities with built-in analytics and B2B commerce functionality, which helps in reducing the time to market and allowing accelerated innovation.

Here is a case study about Liferay cloud LXC migration. CIGNEX helped a large pharma company to migrate acquired drug brand websites from Liferay DXP 7.0 to latest Liferay Experience Cloud (LXC) for easy content authoring, high availability & scalability & improved performance for end users.