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By rebecca sampson | 31 Aug 2021

The present data sources are quick and scattered, which can leave organizations and engineers attempting to deliver data and applications in real-time. While this can be hard, it doesn't need to be.

Matching the best streaming platform with the best database empowers you to easily perform complex work processes like data migration, IoT, and numerous others. MongoDB and Kafka make up the core of numerous advanced data architectures that assist developers with easily build robust, responsive data pipelines that stream events among applications and services in real time.

Named as a 'Leader' in a recent Q3 Forrester Wave Big Data NoSQL, MongoDB comes with strong functionalities and features. Manifold verticals, across all industries choose MongoDB for building a wide variety of applications delivering flexibility, scalability and performance.

It viably brings real-time data from across the enterprise to a database that can serve your APIs, services, and questions - bringing about quicker data access and speed up application development and improvement for a superior client experience.

Kafka has become incredibly well known in the past several years and is an amazing distributed event streaming platform equipped to take care of trillions of events in a day. It gives an adaptable and robust streaming platform, which helps empowering standardized communication between a wide range of data platforms, systems and frameworks.

The MongoDB and Confluent partnership matches the best streaming platform with the best database enabling you to deal with the most demanding responsibilities and workloads, for example, monstrous IoT sensor ingestion, complex work processes like data migration and data pipelines like those found in micro-service applications.

Organizations like CIGNEX provide services on MongoDB as well as Confluent. Their MongoDB experts provide MongoDB consulting services based on the application and database project lifecycle, such as MongoDB Assessment Services, MongoDB Upgrade and migration strategies, and more. Additionally, they have a proven track record of delivering successful deployments with the help of Confluent. The experienced confluent consultants come with proven capabilities in establishing streamlined data pipelines & building streaming applications and provide services such as Confluent Application Development, Confluent Integration, Confluent Implementation, Confluent Support and Managed Services, as well as Professional Services.

The MongoDB Connector for Apache Kafka®

The MongoDB Connector for Apache Kafka® is Verified Gold and in the Confluent Hub. It is the official MongoDB Kafka connector, offering support for MongoDB as both a sink and source. The Connector can either be self-hosted, or completely managed in Confluent Cloud.

The Connector permits you to easily build robust and reactive data pipelines that exploit stream processing between data stores, applications, and services in real-time.  

With source and sink connectors deployed with only a couple of clicks, Confluent and MongoDB Atlas are simplifying it to stream data from any source directly into MongoDB, regardless of which cloud utilized. The fully managed solution, built on Apache Kafka, presents the best of the multi-cloud document database service, MongoDB Atlas, by occupying it with real-time information. Together, they can get your data rolling, and with that, assist you with building quick applications enhanced with chronicled context and garner insights that give your business an upper hand.

Many organizations have globally placed Confluent and MongoDB as central pieces of their infrastructure so they can build real-time, modern applications. Confluent and MongoDB, are focusing on making it simpler than ever for clients to incorporate event streaming with their data in MongoDB Atlas. Moreover, organizations could now invest less time creating and overseeing the core framework, and focus on spending more time delivering differentiated client experiences.

The CIGNEX Connect

CIGNEX has a powerful alliance ecosystem that facilitates enterprises in their journey towards digital transformation. Being a proud MongoDB Advanced Partner, CIGNEX develops scalable and agile data management platforms and offers subscription including production support, commercial licensing, and MongoDB Monitoring Service. Our Open Source Consultants integrate MongoDB with Liferay, Drupal, Alfresco & other Open Source/proprietary technologies and work towards providing support to manage MongoDB integrated deployments.

We are also a Registered Confluent Partner, and we help enterprises to build Big Data and IoT applications using Apache Kafka & Confluent for real-time data streaming and analysis. Our aim is to provide enterprises with deep insights into their Kafka pipelines through enhanced metrics provided by the Confluent Platform.

Reach out to us at for more information regarding our solutions and services on MongoDB & Confluent respectively.