For a while now, we have been hearing a lot about collaboration in Enterprise space. We speak day in and day out to our customers who have recognized the need to have a tool for use within the organization for better and efficient collaboration. The fundamental concept behind collaboration is that groups can achieve more than individuals. Collaboration allows individuals with complementary areas of expertise to create better results faster than before. 

Alfresco Share has since evolved and has become a competent tool for collaboration functions within an enterprise. The impressive road map which Alfresco provides promises an exciting possibility it is created using completely open standards. Share is focused on Collaboration tasks and includes integration with popular Blogging, Wiki, and Forum/Discussion products out of the box.  It provides great interface into more traditional document management library With Share, users modify work spaces to fit their collaborative requirements inside or outside the organization. Peers can be invited to share and collaborate around the project and its content. Share offers users, developers and administrators a list of features. The simple and intuitive dashboard of Alfresco Share gives the users a bird’s eye view of what to expect. Site activities, site and user profile, calendars, RSS feeds etc. are available to the users.


This book is a beginners  guide and explain how  Alfresco Share is useful for collaboration.Reading a book will help you in taking various strategic decisions for the Business.
It also explains how  Share can be customized according to Business need  through  configurations and provides user an idea  of  how Alfresco Share is built  using Spring Surf Framework.Using this book one can learn features of Alfresco Share and a way to customize Alfresco Share easily. This book is must for   readers who want to explore Alfresco Share capabilities and also act as  base for performing heavy customization in Alfresco Share.You can get more details about the book from
This book will take you to following features: 
  • Understanding the architecture of Share will help in extending and configuring Share. You will learn about how content is stored in Alfresco repository and is fetch using Web Scripts.
  • Managing Users and Groups through Alfresco Share.  Implementing and Understanding the underlying framework behind the Alfresco security model. The Alfresco security model is flexible and allows you to choose either its built-in security or an external security model defined by your organization, by using systems such as LDAP and Active Directory.
  • Site in a Share is a way to collaborate within the team or specific project or some tasks. Learn about managing and configuring site will help you set up environment similar to various teams working in various project and collaborating within each other.
  • Understanding of collaboration tools that come as a  standard built-in capabilities of Alfresco Share like wikis, blogs, data list entries, manage calendar, link and discussion.
  • Managing content through Document Library is possible. How Documents are stored in a hierarchical folder structure and can be versioned and associated with metadata.  Users are able to comment on and apply tags to documents to categorize and organize them.
  • Implementing workflows for simple approval process or a complex business process management. Also, Business rules can be applied to documents within the document library to automate the movement of documents through business processes.
  • You will learn how various components of Share that can be configured and various deployment approaches to be used for customization

You can download sample chapter from here.