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By rebecca sampson | 29 Oct 2020

The new official release of Liferay DXP 7.3 on the 29th of September 2020 has brought a range of possibilities for organizations to create digital experiences on the mobile, web, and devices connected via them.

The newest upgrade is so promising that every organization can be empowered with it. They can make the related systems streamline, provide insightful information to the users, and make the process very useful for content creation.

The process also improves experience management and digitizes operations, which benefits both business users as well as IT. The Liferay 7.3 optimizes the ability to the business users with just one press of a button.

The single platform is helpful for the IT personnel as it provides multiple solutions. The flexible and powerful APIs also makes continuous integration with the external systems.

Here are some ways you can support multiple business objectives on a single platform from Liferay 7.3. 

1- Common platform

One of the ways employers make communication possible within their company is by using the intranet. It can be useful as a communication forum wherein employees of the same or different departments can interact. The communication is recorded and is intended purely for business communication purposes.

It is a responsive platform where an intimation by an employee receives timely attention. The right contact cascade makes it possible for an employee to locate the right party quickly.

2- Integrated global intranet

The complete integration of intranet for all the company’s processes and all its branches globally has made the Liferay 7.3 a unique and optimum solution for an organization aspiring to reach the forefront.

This process makes a widescale communication not only possible in the first place but also very efficient.

3- Fully integrated CMS

For every customer service company, the CMS is one of the most important aspects; it helps the employees of a firm get the customers’ details, and history of purchase, returns, buying patterns, etc.

A responsive CMS is ideal, sortable as well as elaborate. Hence, in the latest iteration of Liferay, i.e., version 7.3, the CMS is also integrated. This enables a firm to cut down on the customer support costs, as the digital solution is all-encompassing, and it takes care of all the processes through its one-point contact platform.

4- Increased B2B revenue

One of the things that matter to a firm a lot is the revenue. The sales revenue helps a firm carry on with all regular activities like processing salaries and incentives for the employees. The revenue percentage or proportion decides whether a firm is running in profit or not.

Hence, increasing revenue is very important for the firm. The online digital platform of Liferay 7.3 is optimized to increase B2B revenue.

The platform intended for companies dealing in B2B businesses makes it easy for potential customers to browse the inventory, sort the information, and find the right piece of information.

5- Unified distinct systems

Having a single point of contact is the key to convenience in the modern, digital world. Nowadays, customers opt for things that are easy to use and do not cause inconvenience. The latest version of Liferay, i.e., 7.3, has been tweaked for unprecedented ease.

It is an all-encompassing digital solution; it unifies and integrates all systems so that the potential and existing customers, employees, employers, and all the administrative departments have only one platform to log on to and work.


There are numerous benefits of the unified digital solution. Below are some key business advantages.

1- Reduced dependency

Dependence is one of the most loathed things in the world of business. It also implies intricate logistics, and breaking a single link in the chain of logistics can lead to an overall failure. Liferay 7.3 significantly reduces human dependency.

2- Increased customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the basis of a successful business. The increase in it leads to a higher sales turnover and retention rate. The straightforwardness of Liferay 7.3 ensures better customer satisfaction.

3- Enhanced security

The threat to security is one of the most pressing concerns for every firm; having ununified and distinct systems makes the security very vulnerable. The latest version of Liferay is optimized for safety; all the systems have a common security authentication gateway.

Liferay 7.3 version is one of the most optimum for any business. B2B firms can be especially benefitted from it. Firms with the older versions must upgrade to the latest one to make sure that you have uninterrupted workings of the platform. It entails setting up environments, updating the web contents, extensions, and file systems.


Liferay 7.3 has been optimized in every aspect and the latest upgrade will prove to be a great choice for any respective B2B firm. Thinking of adoption or migration from legacy systems to Liferay 7.3? Connect with an experienced Liferay Digital Experience Platform (DXP) expert from CIGNEX and we will assist you throughout the process.