Alfresco Share 3.4 has come up with Content Replication Feature between two alfresco instances. By Using Content replication, it will help to manage geographically distributed alfresco deployments where we used to face performance issue because of network latency or bandwidth limitations during peak time.

In Alfresco, A Replication job contains following parameters. 

  • Space/Content(s) to be replicated
  • Start day and time of the job
  • Regular Scheduling Parameters
  • Target Alfresco Repository

For tracking purpose, Replication Jobs provide status of each deployment, last run time, local and remote repository reports.

By default, replicated content is read-only on the target repository. This ensures the integrity of the content is not compromised by uncontrolled updates.

With the use of Content Replication, Content consumers will have fast access to server content from local servers and they will see achieve high availability (removes the single point of failure). For Network administrators, it will reduce network overhead because of Scheduled Jobs.

Current Limitations

  1. Replicated Content is read-only on the target repository. No modifications can be done on Target Repository.
  2. Tags are not replicated on Target Repository
  3. Current Replication Feature doesn’t replicate custom content types, only replicates spaces and default content type (cm:content)