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23 Jan 2020

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Process Mining is being adopted by various organizations to understand how they can automate their Finance, Business Operations, Customer Support, IT and HR processes to improve their business efficiency. The concept of Process Mining originated in academics but is now occupying an influential space in business and changing the way things were done in the past. RPA Process Mining has become crucial to achieve successful RPA implementation and operational smoothness in large organizations. Therefore, let’s understand the ways that can be used to Improve Operational Efficiency with Process Mining.

This article will be bringing light to the ways that you can use to improve your operational Efficiency using RPA Process Mining.

Creating Process Transparency

Issue identification in core processes used to be a next to impossible job earlier. But in recent times, with the help of RPA Process Mining, you can be sure to even find a needle in a haystack. First, let’s clarify, how it works.

RPA Process Mining provides an organization with an analytic solution that creates process transparency that provides un-covered insights ultimately aiding in making more informed decisions that eventually leads towards operational efficiency.

RPA Process Mining uses algorithms to scan and detect improvement opportunities and makes proactive recommendations to end users. Using RPA process mining core operations can be accurately analyze the root cause of delays can be quickly identified. Identification of operations also aids in staying ahead of the competition and gaining value over competitors.

Improving Customer Experience

Using RPA Process Mining services attracts greater traffic with quality customer services. It helps the company to save cost which could be spent elsewhere in improving customer service. Plus it also reduces the response time by saving the valuable hours of the customers which will attract more and more in turn to utilize the service provided. Additionally, it also increases the productivity and access to successful procedures which leads to faster reporting and internal activities, therefore saving a headache for both customers as well as service providers.

Process Monitoring and Analysis

RPA Process Mining monitors processes and provides continuous optimization. It can predict risks and due dates using historically relevant as well as current data. An analysis of the outcomes can also suggest right actions that can be taken in order to improve efficiency. These analyses can also provide business analysts with the data needed to compare models and suggest changes. RPA tools can help to visually track the impact of changes which can result in financial savings gained through insight.

In a Nutshell

RPA Process Mining helps you detect and pinpoint possibilities for improvement in core operations. With all its advantages, RPA process Mining is definitely the best choice for every business owner in order to improve their operational efficiency. With the passage of every second, data storage continues to grow and is just a matter of time when every organization will need RPA Process Mining.

CIGNEX is a Michigan based global consulting company offering-solutions, services and platforms-in open source, cloud and automation. CIGNEX is partnered withCelonis, a leading Enterprise Performance Acceleration software, harnessing the power of Process Mining technology to help organizations remove operational friction. CIGNEX along with Celonis provide technology to visualize the actual process and leverage AI-Powered analysis capabilities for improving businesses while increasing efficiency and revenue drastically.