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26 Jul 2017

Service delivery automation has become the need of the hour for numerous business organizations. Irrespective of their size, extent, and operations, businesses are trying to integrate processes that streamline daily operations, be cost efficient, and sustain business in the face of shrinking margins. Automating service deliveries is one such enabler today. Every business owner wants to accelerate bottom lines, and this can be hastened with the right technologies in place for efficiently and effectively handling tasks leading to improved quality of customer support.

Importance of service delivery automation

Automated technologies and integrated processes are critical to running a business smoothly. Especially, when it comes to tracking field service delivery, you will need the right platform to do so. A whopping 86% of consumers would like to keep a tab on agent arrival, and they won’t back out even if they have to shell out something more for such automated tracking services.
It is here that business organizations need to employ innovative technologies that help them manage assets, deal with consumer interactions, and track appointments. You will learn to deal with operational glitches and performance blocks that can affect business productivity to a great extent!

Leveraging Salesforce

Service delivery, leads nurturing, and managing customer relationships are of paramount significance for numerous companies out there. You just can’t keep on working with traditional technologies and manual processes and expect to deliver results in a continuously evolving environment. It is the time to embrace innovation, and that creates the demand for integrated technologies.
Quite naturally, businesses and field service providers are on the lookout for a dynamic, robust, and effective solution. With a highly powerful, scalable, and secured platform for businesses, Salesforce emerges as the most reliable option. It is high time you bid farewell to manual processes, and none other than the technology prowess of Salesforce can make it happen.
Assessing the benefits

Before embracing this innovation, how about developing a brief idea of its benefits. Salesforce has the power to streamline business operations across sectors, irrespective of the scale, size, or geographic spread of the company. You can integrate every process into the Cloud, which is the key to a smart business management strategy. Here are some benefits you need to know about this suite of technology solutions:

  • Smooth tracking: From assignments and meetings to appointments, you can track all the important events with Salesforce.
  • Scheduling: It is highly imperative to schedule your tasks every day so that you can avoid confusion and mismanagement. With service tracking and delivery options, Salesforce can make it happen.
  • Integrate into current channels: Even when you devise new strategies, make sure you integrate them into the existing processes. It is imperative to integrate crucial business tasks into current channels for improved operations.
  • Asset management: Management of valuable resources and assets is of paramount significance for every organization. You can leverage Salesforce and ensure the best management of your business assets.
  • Automating service delivery: Tracking service delivery is critical to identifying business efficiency. Salesforce can do that thus offering crucial insights into business operations.

These benefits clearly explain why Salesforce is a crucial requisite for enterprises today. From critical business processes to daily operations, this particular technology is the key to running every process smoothly.

Connecting Salesforce with ServiceAide for your organization

A robust cloud and SaaS infrastructure are prime requisites for organizations. Every business enterprise wants to stay ahead of the growth curve, which compels them to embrace Cloud like never before! With IT Service Management integration for your business, you can reap the following benefits:

  • Increased agility throughout the enterprise
  • Unlimited scalability and dynamic process delivery
  • Building a common communication platform for existing process and new entries. On-premise applications are integrated into the cloud, and that’s where ServiceAide integrations come into the picture
  • Custom coding along with swift implementations
  • ServiceAide helps you implement new processes without affecting the enterprise infrastructure. You can implement the changes within the shortest time without bearing huge maintenance costs
  • Quick glance at all tickets in one dashboard with reports

Complete liberty

With the custom built Salesforce-ServiceAide connector, process owners can enjoy complete liberty and flexibility while performing business operations. The swift, smooth, and perfect management of integration increases business agility to a great extent.

Improved data accuracy

Data analytics is a prime requisite for every organization today. No matter what they do and deal with, targeted data analysis and analytics is the key to driving growth in organizations. ServiceAide increases and optimizes data accuracy which ensures huge benefits for enterprises.

Parting thoughts

We are living in a world where innovative technologies can work wonders across sectors and business channels. If you are still away from it, it’s high time to embrace innovation with ServiceAide. Enlist the expertise of a reliable technology specialist like CIGNEX to extract better value from your engagements and interactions with leads, customers, employees, and stakeholders alike. Utilize our professional skills to unlock new opportunities and uncover growth avenues, using Salesforce.