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29 Dec 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic can easily be accounted for causing the largest disruption in the customer service industry's history where millions of customer support staff were sent home overnight worldwide. This created record breaking disruptions for organisations relying on manual labour for their day to day work as well as for customer service and support. Several companies that didn't have the necessary technology for the new shambled situation were restricted in keeping their clients waiting for longer periods, while some requests and issues were never addressed. Organizations that had previously resorted to a digital form of engagement, on the other hand, were able to transition to the new situation quickly causing in minimal downtime.

2020 and now 2021 served as a sharp knock on the head for businesses to heed the urgency of modernization and digital transformation for offering better customer experiences and increase operational efficiency. As a result, the most important criteria of customer service are speed, agility, and efficiency, all of which ServiceNow Customer Service Management (CSM) helps to fulfil. In the globalized business environment today, offering better customer service stands out as the key competitive edge. People started measuring and evaluating the service they receive along with the product they purchase. Also, in the era of consumerization and experience-as-a-service, the term service entails not just engaging and interacting with consumers, but goes above and beyond. Hence many businesses is beginning to understand that how the service is delivered matters the most.

In today's digital world that we live in, consumers expect personal, customized and tailored experiences. It is no longer good enough to have a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool in place.  Now what we need is real-time connectivity and engagement with customers using both dynamic and static data which is the key to generating better customer experiences. Enter Customer Service Management (CSM) which is a set of workflows or tools for optimally delegating and tracking all interactions with clients and customers. ServiceNow CSM implementation helps businesses with innovative customer service management solutions, to achieve better customer satisfaction levels and increase customer retention, at reduced operational costs. It is a powerful platform that has the capabilities to build apps quickly and integrate with systems of record to accelerate digital transformation in customer services.

How ServiceNow CSM can be beneficial?

Customer service operations have reached a tipping point and the only viable way for companies to respond to fundamental changes in the customer service industry is to embrace CSM. ServiceNow CSM helps your business leverage the Now platform to ensure that you're on the right track, keeping your customers happy without sacrificing the hard work of your staff. Here are the plus points of ServiceNow CSM implementation:

  • Automation of tedious tasks to make the customer experience feel effortless
  • Redefining customer experiences with intelligent case management and omni-channel engagement
  • Addressing and resolving issues quickly with automated Root Cause identification and resolution
  • Decreased routing and resolution time with intelligent Automation
  • Unlock internal service team "silos" with real-time collaboration capabilities
  • Automation of common customer requests, provide answers with an AI-powered chatbot, and empower agents with an intelligent workspace
  • Increase in customer retention with better insights into customer experiences, further strengthening customer relationship
  • Reduction in operational costs and adjusting your offering according to the feedback and needs of the customer

A few use cases

A US based house of modern luxury operating in retail & e-commerce segment required to build a single service management portal based on ServiceNow. The purpose was to transform the user experience by building a flexible, modern, easy to use service portal which can be accessed anytime from any device. The result was that a portal was created with 20+ out of the box customer widgets development with a single global UI design throughout the portal. Modular user interface framework was created for quick and easy building of application portals and dashboards for the platform along with catalogue items (Forms, Scripts, Integration, etc.) configured on Service Portal to ensure that BAU functionality was achieved. This helped achieve a single, self-service portal for various applications with improved usability.

Another US based house of modern luxury operating in retail & e-commerce segment wanted to redesign global applications into scoped applications, custom integrate current applications with the service management tool in the production stage and migrate the ServiceNow mid-servers from the current on premise infrastructure to AWS cloud. All was achieved and caused a single instance for users to raise issues or request and scoped apps with improved security & governance. It also enabled the support teams to manage portals as a result of no traversing between different instances. As an added benefit, the licence costs were reduced as well.


The efficacy of customer service can make or break a business. The journey of providing excellent customer experiences commences with the right technology in place, which supports consumers across their preferred channels while also connecting front, middle, and back-office operations. The technology that kept businesses afloat during the pandemic can now forge the way for a new era of connected customer experiences.

CIGNEX being Specialist ServiceNow Partners, is proficient in all ServiceNow product lines, which makes them qualified to implement ServiceNow Customer Service Management and other ServiceNow products. Equipped with an experienced & certified team of ServiceNow developer experts, they have enabled several global enterprises fast track to a customized end to end ServiceNow implementation. Their capabilities include ServiceNow consultation, implementation and enhancement services with expertise in ServiceNow ITSM, ServiceNow ITBM, ServiceNow ITOM, ServiceNow ITAM, ServiceNow SecOps, ServiceNow PPM, etc. 

The ServiceNow CSM that CIGNEX provides brings Customer Relationship Management (CRM) into the next era. Its powerful features are both intuitive and enabling.  They can work as your strategic business partner to help you optimize the customer service management capabilities of your ServiceNow platform, and keep your organization at the top of the customer service arena. In other words, CIGNEX's ServiceNow CSM can transform customer service into what it should be- Effortless, Connected and Proactive.