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By R Dev | 08 Oct 2021

Being a cloud native service management platform, ServiceNow has proven to be the best in the market with a better growth rate than every major platforms in the last 10 years. IT leaders today are looking to manage demand, operations and funding business process in a more efficient way. ServiceNow IT Business Management helps businesses achieve their goals by improving technology environment and gaining insight to business goals, strategies and outcomes. It is achieved by improving the alignment of business service modules, accelerating service delivery modules, and providing detailed financial visibility.

CIGNEX has been a pioneer in Open Source, Cloud and Automation technologies for 20+ years and is a Specialist ServiceNow Partner enabling leading business giants develop, deliver, and manage business services through an IT-focused lens for over a decade. Our certified ServiceNow developer experts help organizations streamline their business processes and workflows by merging the intelligent workflows and powerful dashboards from the ServiceNow ITBM suite with our experience on industry best practices to offer superior ITBM solutions.

Key Processes of ServiceNow ITBM

We help break your Project Management chains by implementing ServiceNow ITBM in your business, enabling visibility and control into software development, cutting IT expenses and reducing time to market. Here are the ServiceNow ITBM solutions that we provide:

  • Project Portfolio Management: This incudes initiating, planning and executing projects across technology and business portfolios. By using ServiceNow PPM, CIGNEX has implemented Project, Resource, Demand, Finance and Time management modules to successfully minimize costs and maximize operational efficiency in many instances.
  • Resource Management: This includes distribution of resources evenly among projects and maintaining their availability. By leveraging ServiceNow Resource Management application, our ServiceNow experts guide in identifying and improving resource under/over utilization, resource distribution and also in staffing budget.
  • Demand Management: This pertains to identifying, prioritizing and authorizing IT improvement ideas and demands. Our ServiceNow Demand Management experts helps in centralizing business and IT requests to help in forecasting the demands for products and services accurately.
  • Agile Development: This includes executing development tasks as part of product or project-based development efforts. Our ServiceNow Agile Project Management services helps by accelerating software delivery through accurate planning, streamlining resource usage by measuring work levels, and managing multiple tasks and stories in the backlog effortlessly.
  • Financial Roadmap Planning: It involves implementing top-down planning by prioritizing work, visualizing, tailoring roadmap and sharing it with different teams. Our ServiceNow IT Financial Management domain consultants and architects can streamline financial planning process by enabling to deal with different budget models for multiple use cases.
  • Performance Analytics: It is used for gaining deep-lying ITBM insights like opportunities for backlog optimization or portfolio cost reduction. Our experts collaborates with Business Analysts and Developers to understand business requirements and build quality tests resulting in minimized errors.

How ServiceNow ITBM helps?

  • Managing Outcomes: Align strategy, investments, and teams to drive business outcomes and create value to exceed customer expectations.
  • Defining business goals and gaining insight: Project Portfolio Management (PPM) manages entire project life cycle from idea to execution across technology and business portfolios which includes applications to help manage project portfolio, resources, demands, timecards, ideas, and agile delivery.
  • Aligning Applications with business goals: ServiceNow Application Portfolio Management (APM) helps get visibility into applications to manage costs, ensure alignment, and easily adapt to change.
  • Engaging employees for innovation: Innovation management engages employees enabling them to submit ideas for new products and features. Track and convert these ideas to demands, projects, stories, to deliver business outcomes with speed and agility, from one point.
  • Gaining visibility into Software Development Life Cycle: ServiceNow Agile Development and Scale Agile Framework application helps in managing scrum, hybrid, or waterfall development efforts throughout the cycle, from creation through testing and development.

Why go for ServiceNow ITBM?

CIGNEX's ITBM modules has enabled organizations improve their IT optimization capabilities through the employment of ServiceNow ITBM at various instances. We can assist you in making your IT department function more like a business unit by providing the ability to map costs to the goals of the organization. Our ServiceNow ITBM customers has identified the following as key benefits:

  • Single Unified Platform
  • Visibility into business processes
  • Digital and Flexible Workflows
  • Vast Configurability
  • Accelerated Service Delivery


In today's digital environment, constant and planned innovation is critical for business growth and success. Modernizing IT infrastructure is key to regulating innovation, driving customer experiences, enhancing reliability and security, and staying competitive. ServiceNow has established itself as the leading service management platform in today's market. In order to implement ServiceNow ITBM and cultivate its huge potential, it's imperative to consult with a right partner and service provider. CIGNEX, being Specialist ServiceNow Partners has been working with leading enterprises and creating landmarks in implementing ServiceNow for over 10 years. Our certified ServiceNow developer experts can assist you in implementing various ServiceNow Solutions and achieve unparalleled results way sooner than expected.