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By R Dev | 08 Sep 2021

Automation and Digitization of the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical is not a new concept today. From digital nurses to medicine production, we witness the influence of technology, throughout. An efficient cloud based IT service management platform is the key towards patient management, clinical management, staff management, production and distribution management, etc.

With the onset of the COVID19 pandemic, the healthcare industry has been called to rise up to endless challenges. Since then it has been a hectic journey for the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical companies. The never ending stream of incoming patients, the limited resources and staff, the urgent need of manufacturing and distribution of vaccines, keeping tabs and securing patient data, etc, has provided a huge task for these industries. Hence the need to automate manual intensive tasks has increased exponentially. C-level executives, Directors and Managers are looking to adopt a single Service Management Tool that can accumulate, process and provide organization wide data and information. ServiceNow is best suited to meet this challenge, head on.

ServiceNow ITSM (IT Service Management) is a cloud native solution that allows organizations to track, collate and manage processes and workflows within a single platform. This allows all systems within an organization to be linked to the integration hub. In this way, all relevant data becomes accessible and can be used to give automated answers to the most common service requests, without the need for human interaction.

ServiceNow Implementation in Healthcare and Pharma

  • ServiceNow ITSM: When it comes to healthcare, patient care is top of the list priority. The Now platform with its unique omnipresent features allows it to interact and resolve endless stream of queries for both patients and staff. ServiceNow ITSM enables automation of various workflows through effective AI & ML by collecting and analyzing data and integrating across the entire IT infrastructure for a seamless and consolidated visibility and access through a single platform. This helps to accelerate the on-boarding process for physicians, deploy digital nurses, manage clinical assets, keeping up with regulations and patient standards, etc.
  • ServiceNow ITOM: ServiceNow Operations Management allows healthcare organizations to achieve end-to-end insight into operations and underlying infrastructure, improve the quality of the services, and introduce automation to rapidly increase service delivery. This is done through Discovery, Service Mapping, Event Management, Orchestration and Cloud Management. Both Healthcare and Pharma companies can gain from this by proactive data collection to get an insight on the IT infrastructure and resolving or replacing legacy service management tools for better results.
  • ServiceNow ITAM: In light of the pandemic, assets are extremely limited in Healthcare and Pharma. It has become imperative to automate several tedious manual tasks and reallocate resources for optimum results. ServiceNow Asset Management allows management of IT assets and strategic planning for the IT environment. This helps companies maximize the use of their resources, replacements of non-functioning resources, automating relationships among resources, centralizing asset tracking, etc.
  • ServiceNow Application Development: Applications ensures improved performance, productivity and cost reduction across an entire organization. It requires minimal or no coding, hence the Now Platform's App Engine can be implemented in various lines of business without in-house developers. Custom applications can also be created to meet various IoT features like, Digital Nurses, Hospital locator, Smart health checks, etc.
  • ServiceNow GRC & SecOps: Protecting and managing patient data and sensitive information while enhancing overall security and productivity is crucial. ServiceNow Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC) provides organizations with an integrated process to manage all policies, standards and control procedures by obeying regulations and best practices. This helps automate and manage policy lifecycles, identify risks and develop appropriate solutions. ServiceNow Security Operations (SecOps) brings insight, collaboration and business-driven prioritization into the daily routine of security specialists.

Benefits of ServiceNow in Healthcare and Pharma

  • Improved Patient care:  If all processes and workflows are in place things tend to run smoothly. With the automation and digital transformation of various IT processes patients become the primary focus rather than tedious time consuming tasks. The amount of time provided by physicians and nurses for patients through automated and optimized service delivery and integration with electronic health records (EHRs) and other patient systems allows healthcare organizations go the extra mile in caregiving.
  • Better Employee Experience: In hospitals or any healthcare organization, quality of service resides upon the efficiency of staff. With the introduction of a single, effective service management platform all the departments function optimally with frictionless information transition, excellent recruitment, engagement, automation of the right tasks and retention of best medical staff.
  • Improved Processes and Streamlined Workflows: With the automation of processes, various manual tasks can be done without daily tedious human labour. Since ServiceNow consolidates various applications and processes into a single platform, this enables in higher productivity, efficiency, ROI, faster go to market, etc, allowing companies to focus on developing new capabilities.
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction & Privacy: Customers drives business growth in every industry. Providing seamless healthcare and simultaneously maintaining personal information is always what customers would look for. ServiceNow Service Level Management includes various incident management, problem management, change management and request management features that translates problems into a faster resolution keeping customers as well as internal staff happy.


ServiceNow being the best Service management platform today can be pivotal for the growth of Healthcare and Pharma industry and has demonstrated its boons to many leading giants in these sectors. With a careful and planned ServiceNow Implementation, it can do wonders for your organization too. CIGNEX being a Specialist ServiceNow partner can achieve your organizations digital transformation goals. Our team of certified ServiceNow developer experts can help your organization or healthcare facility realize its full potential by increasing efficiency and productivity. We will also make sure that you get a higher return on investment much sooner than anticipated.