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03 Dec 2021

A website is not only the face of a brand - it defines and determines the future of the business as well. In order to see an online business transform into a smarter and more efficient solution that provides high-level personalization it is important to implement a comprehensive content management system (CMS) and ecommerce. Content management systems originally allowed website owners to manage the content of their websites efficiently and were designed to store and present content elements like text, images, and video on websites. These are traditional/coupled CMS. Nowadays, with the advent of globalization, brands need to connect with the world through websites, mobile apps, wearable devices, digital displays, bots, conversational interfaces, IoT, and more. Traditional CMSs were not designed to handle that, and the need for a new breed of CMSs emerged known as the headless CMS.

A headless CMS is a content management system that manages and organizes content without a connected front-end or display layer. It is where all of your content and assets live and provides a way to author content, but instead of having your content coupled to a particular output (like web page rendering), it provides your content as data over an API which you use to distribute that content to anywhere and everywhere you need it - your website, your mobile app, your email marketing, your CRM, etc. CIGNEX being one of the leading enterprise-level CMS solutions and service provider has leveraged Sitecore, enabling business owners to have full control over all aspects of their website from social integration and blog posts to advanced personalisation, ecommerce and more.

Evaluating the Sitecore Service Provider

Sitecore is a world-class CMS and experience management platform that helps organizations around the globe to improve their customer experiences and we can entrust its implementation to experienced hands only. An experienced Sitecore Service provider should be able to provide end to end services like Sitecore Consulting, Sitecore Implementation, Sitecore Migration, Sitecore Upgrade and Support, unlocking the full potential of Sitecore.

A right Sitecore solutions and service provider will enable enterprises plan, design and implement a content management platform including website, e-commerce site, custom web applications, integration requirements, and mobile applications, with responsive designs.

A right team of experts has the tools, the team, the experience, and the commitment that is needed to implement, integrate, and support Sitecore with the entire digital ecosystem, on time, on budget, and the right way the first time.

Benefits of a Right Sitecore Partner

While implementing Sitecore, certain situations and incidents can arise in the absence of experienced guidance, handling the vast and versatile features that comes with Sitecore and ways to mitigate those bottlenecks. An equipped Sitecore service provider will collaborate with you to keep costs under control and deliver tasks on schedule to achieve a greater ROI. Here are some of the benefits that can be obtained:

Reduction in website loading time- With the right Sitecore development services, organizations can experience a drastic reduction in page loading time. An experienced Sitecore expert can implement front-end performance best practices and optimize server configuration and performance tracking, allowing you to solve your performance issues.

Utilization of Sitecore Architecture Document- The Sitecore Architecture Document records how the content structure works, what modules are created and what content is editable with Sitecore. Its absence can lead to miscommunication around functionality, poor design fidelity, difficulty managing content and eradicating bugs during the QA process. A Sitecore expert knows that planning through Sitecore Architecture Document is essential to ensure projects get completed the right way and does that in the very first attempt.

Elimination of side effects and bugs- It's imperative to check and confirm thoroughly before deploying a code to a live environment. An experienced Sitecore developer will develop a rigorous QA process which will work with your stakeholders to verify acceptance and it will also work to catch and avoid bugs before they get into the live environment.

Efficient Content Management- In order to justify investing in Sitecore CMS its necessary to ensure seamless management of your content. By working with an established Sitecore service provider, you'll be able to control your content, manage a modular content structure, modulate easy add and edit content, set up the web to use Experience Editor, create appropriate user roles, and configure workflows.

Personalization- The primary interface of Sitecore for configuring Sitecore personalization rules and handling related content is the Sitecore Experience Editor. This skill requires proper implementation and preparation and can seem overwhelming due to the vast personalization choices available. An experienced Sitecore consultant will work with you in assessing your personalization criteria and how they affect your business objectives which will give you the step-by-step instructions you'll need to customize these on your own.

Website Expansion- The IT and Marketing teams in your organization has the flexibility to build new sections by simply using layouts on their own while using Sitecore. An experienced Sitecore developer creates a component library, giving you the resources and the type of content. They'll always start by developing and obtaining approval for your Sitecore Architecture Document, which explains the content structure.


Sitecore CMS, if implemented the right way can help you deliver to the right content to the right audience and create a personalized experience to your customers. It is always suggested to work with an experience Sitecore Solution and Service provider who will analyse your requirements and match it with your prospect demographics to design the right architecture for your content management system.

CIGNEX, with its team of Sitecore consultants has been developing websites for clients across the globe and has become a leading Sitecore CMS expert. Their expertise can be fully leveraged for custom Sitecore development activities for your business providing a wide variety of services onsite as well as offsite. Their Sitecore implementation services and Sitecore managed services are designed to meet the growing needs of your enterprise. You can consult with their Sitecore experts and plan corrective measures which can help you define target groups, customer personas and real-world use cases to develop an online strategy to address your needs and guide you towards a beneficial Sitecore experience.