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23 Jun 2022

Sitecore for Business

Built on the ASP.NET foundation, Sitecore is a widely used enterprise-level content management system (CMS). The platform enables web content editors and marketers to have more control over their websites, including social media integration, blogging, and advanced customization. When you hire Sitecore developers, they work with you to develop the CMS platform in consistent with the goals you have set.

Why Hire Sitecore Developers on Contract?

Technological advancements for CMS have offered a variety of solutions combined with marketing strategies and the latest technologies. To support the complete operation of their websites and related software solutions, businesses have the excellent opportunity to select from a variety of content management systems. Large Enterprises and SMB especially those in the business sector, frequently implement Sitecore platform for development.

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Effective content delivery across several channels, software implementation and marketing automation solutions account for use of Sitecore platform by various businesses. The number of Sitecore projects is high in the market distribution, while being the top option for heavy traffic sites. Thus, businesses that provide complex product solutions, including migration from other platforms, may use a Sitecore developer's services. Let's go over the primary reasons to hire Sitecore developers –


The delivery of tailored experiences using AI solutions is area of focus for the Sitecore developer. It is built on the concepts of ongoing optimization for quick insights and producing content options for marketers. They can reuse user behaviour data from the in-depth research in upcoming marketing initiatives.


The business can choose from the available Sitecore development partners to increase the capability. Sitecore Developers are skilled in extending your solutions with new capabilities for order management, sales management, reward schemes, etc.

Marketing Tools

There are so many effective marketing tools available with Sitecore CMS. The Sitecore developer manages content streamlining and in-context interactions by utilizing the modern techniques. Developers assist in outlining the most effective marketing initiatives for your company's automated customer experiences.


Expert Sitecore developers can handle both on-premises and cloud deployments. The first choice is to use a Sitecore software license to manage environments on your own servers. Additionally, you can use Sitecore managed services or your own management to execute your program on Microsoft Azure.

Sitecore for Development

Sitecore has provided a strong CMS platform to build websites and other apps by utilizing the best practices of.NET programming. A Sitecore developer can generate content and deploy it across multiple channels, including mobile and IoT devices, thanks to the headless design.

Roles and Responsibilities of Sitecore Developers

The following are some major roles and responsibilities of a Sitecore developer -

Requirement Analysis

The requirements analysis is the first stage of work for the majority of developers. Understanding the project needs and how they can be addressed with an effective solution, concentrating on increasing performance while lowering cost, are necessary for this.

Architecture Planning and Documentation

A developer must invest the necessary effort in creating a solid architecture for their undertaking. This cuts down on the time that would have been required to alter and/or add functionality to the program at a later point as a result of inadequate planning in the beginning.


When migration happens for an existing website or application into the Sitecore environment, developers are frequently required to perform migration operations. These can range from simple projects that only include "lifting and shifting" data from one location to another to extensive projects that need re-architecting an existing site before transferring it to the Sitecore platform.

Mobile App Development

Mobile app development has become an increasingly important component of many Sitecore projects as a result of the rise in popularity of mobile applications in recent years. There are many Sitecore solutions that work with browsers on mobile devices. These projects are frequently available to developers as well.

A Sitecore CMS developer works on building and developing websites, web applications, and mobile apps. Additionally, they participate in the entire development process, which starts with the assessment of the requirements and ends with development and maintenance. Additionally, to supply large-scale functionality, professional development calls for excellent expertise in a variety of technologies and tools.

In order to maximize performance, assess user demands, and produce pertinent software solutions, Sitecore developer duties and responsibilities typically involve designing, creating, and upgrading the experience platform. Developers can use the best practices to construct sophisticated and secure coding.

They seek to implement effective tools for the company's workforce and deliver excellent user experiences. Marketers and content managers manage a variety of website management-related tasks using enterprise-level CMS, including cutting-edge personalization, eCommerce, and social integrations options. Etc.

In reality, Sitecore developers accomplish jobs like module construction, API development, templating, search application, and machine learning capabilities on top of the solutions that have been offered. Therefore, the requirements of major organizations and commercial companies can be satisfied by the successful blending of off-the-shelf and custom solutions.

Top 3 Sitecore Developers Skills

Strong .NET Programming Skills

Strong programming abilities in ASP.Net and.NET, as well as competency in C#, HTML, and Javascript, are definitely necessary because Sitecore is built on ASP.NET.

The Sitecore developers require being skilled in software deployment tools like Team Foundation Server. The developer must be conversant in secure coding techniques and conversant in the MVC (for example, ASP.NET MVC) and agile development approaches. The requisite coding expertise and experience to thrive Sitecore Developer are also typically developed by those who have previously worked in a strong Microsoft development environment.

Database Expertise

The back-end database is a crucial component of the architecture of every CMS, and Sitecore is no different.

Hire Sitecore developer with extensive database administration and management skills with either an Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server database. Most people are also familiar with Sitecore xDB, and many have prior experience with RavenDB, MongoDB, Redis, or other NoSQL. Their technical Sitecore proficiency is further enhanced by the fact that they are very at ease using triggers, stored procedures, and top-tier relational databases.

Web Principles and Scripting Languages

Expert Sitecore developers can translate conceptual ideas and business needs into precise technical specifications and solid solutions. They comprehend the fundamental ideas and finer points that underlie the present wide global web because they create high-end websites, portals, and other web-enabled apps. They have extensive knowledge of HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, CSS, XML, XSLT, and other scripting languages. They also understand information architecture, CMS features, and best practices for content optimization.

Final Thoughts

You will need to invest some time in analysing the market and developing the project requirements if you want to hire top Sitecore developers. You can locate a Sitecore developer who can construct, administer, and advance your software solutions with a secure CMS based on the requirements of your business. We hope you have discovered all the information you require on Sitecore developer roles, responsibilities and skills.

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