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By rebecca sampson | 03 Feb 2021

According to Reuters, retail automation market will reach USD 23.5 billion by 2025. With these kind of figures, retailers must work on a strategy right now. With automation in retail, one can easily navigate the order supply chain.

Retailers find themselves riddled with various challenges that may disrupt or delay business operations. Hence retail automation becomes is integral for smooth business operations to meet the rush. Let see how automation solutions and services help:

Protect the Business

Retail automation is the best way to protect your business operations from any fraud or mischief. Join hands with CIGNEX to install software which can alert you for verifications. You can also detect high-risk orders based on browser locations, shipping address, etc.

Additional Growth

Retail automation is the way to attain a sustainable height in business growth. Adopt a modern creative approach with technological support from CIGNEX to have flexible workflows and optimizations to move on to the next level.

Significant Cost-Cutting  

Retail automation allows you to cut down on rising labor costs. Deploying the technology of CIGNEX can help you effectively lower labor costs, use of space, and save on time.    

If you need to handle tedious, repetitive tasks and reduce turnover rates, partnering with a technology expert is the best way out.

Increased Efficiency

With CIGNEX, you can use retail automation to be more smart and efficient in workforce management, extending to other retail operations.

Retail automation primarily works to save time as technology-driven devices are more fast and accurate in limiting the number of tasks in a workflow.

Enhanced Customer Experience

The ability of a retail business to deliver timely customer support indicates better efficiency. Most of the customers prefer to align with a service that values their time.

Connect with CIGNEX for an automated customer support, quick order fulfillment, and personalized marketing automation, which are some ways to meet your customer expectations.

Brands that are always scaling new heights can turn to automation to keep pace with the growing demand.

Boost Sales

Increased sales point toward customer satisfaction. Retail automation is responsible for moving sales in an upward direction.

Connect with CINGEX to set up an automated email sequence to update customers who may be interested in knowing about a product you display on your website. This way, customers will interact in personalized treatment, instead of a generalized one.

The benefits of associating with CIGNEX

Retail has unlimited scope for automation across areas like accounting and finance, in-store planning, new product introduction, trade promotions, sales analytics, and more.

Connect with a reputable firm like CIGNEX to create and apply technology to monitor and control the production and delivery of your products and services.  

  • The benefits include:  
  • Increased Productivity and efficiency as Robotic automation tools are faster than human FTEs and can function 24/7
  • More Accuracy as Automation phases out human intervention, thus reducing the possibility of human errors
  • Sustained scalability and flexibility, with the ability to replicate robotic tools across various locations and business units
  • You get maximum cost-savings benefits with Robotic automation tools that are almost less expensive than offshore-based FTEs
  • Advantage of compliance factor as Robotics allows data and processes to be retained on site.

Leverage expert capabilities to maximize ROI from automation

When it’s about saving precious time, nothing else works better than automation, especially for retail business. Rather than adopting shortcuts, partner with CIGNEX to save time, and money in a better way.