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10 Jan 2022

In a nutshell, IT Service Management is the process of developing, managing and delivering IT solutions and services to customers. The name ServiceNow has been a beacon for companies looking to simplify IT processes, increase productivity, and reduce IT costs and complexity, for over a decade. In the current COVID-19 crisis, where the world economy along with major industries has taken a severe blow, the need for automation has risen up to the occasion in terms of convenience, efficiency, productivity and cost reduction. ServiceNow ITSM being a next-generation cloud-based service management solution, can consolidate on-premises legacy tools to the Now platform and harness shared data and analytics with automated workflows. Its AIML, along with natural language virtual agent chatbots, empower your IT staff and boost productivity 20%.

Current ITSM Landscape

COVID-19 according to some experts accelerated digital transformation by 7 years. Nowadays people are not only working from home but wants to work from home moving forward. A study showed that over 60% of workers wish to continue working from home post pandemic. This is due to the newly discovered value of life and existence. People want to spend more time with their families and hence many has quit their jobs and focused on start-ups. This phenomenon is called 'The Great Resignation.'

What can companies do when there is a shortage of skilled workers and manpower? They have resorted to Automation and IT Service Management as a better alternative to not only fill the void but also ensure that existing workers can operate seamlessly with greater productivity. Companies are focusing to be digitally unbreakable by identifying, reacting, resolving, preventing and evolving IT processes. They are looking to Automate and Digitize manual processes after they have been discovered and mapped to integrate people, devices, systems, and data in a single workflow. This gives firms the visibility they need to spot potential bottlenecks and avoid them.

The Right ITSM Vendor

In any organization, large or small, it is important to have a management tool that allows to quickly solve complex issues. ServiceNow has already proved itself to be the best as it can get in terms of IT Service Management Platforms. However it is imperative for companies to consult with a ServiceNow Partner that has first-hand experience in ServiceNow Implementation and understands requirements and ways to mitigate challenges. The vendor should not only focus on the technical aspects but also should bridge the gap between IT and Business. It has to become highly agile and dynamic to support the company's ever-changing industry shifts and needs.

CIGNEX being Specialist ServiceNow Partners has moderated ServiceNow ITSM expanding to include business objectives in addition to traditional IT objectives. With Incident Management, they help track and resolve IT disruptions and service. With Problem Management they eradicate the root cause for those disruptions. Change and Release Management ensures making necessary changes to avoid those disruptions. Apart from these key functionalities, they also provide a variety of ServiceNow products like Performance Analytics, Configuration Management, Asset and Cost Management, Service Portal, Mobile App, etc. that assists businesses in increasing efficiency, resolving issues, and enhancing customer satisfaction. CIGNEX is not restricted by only traditional and best practices. Instead it has a holistic approach to projects and comes with a cumulative experience of being a leading solutions and service provider in Open Source, Cloud and Automation for 20+ years.

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Benefitting from ServiceNow ITSM  

The ServiceNow experts at CIGNEX deliver resilient service experiences and improve IT efficiency and decision making by harnessing a single view of services, operations, and development data. Here are the benefits from an IT standpoint:

  • Increase in IT service availability by processing and managing tickets faster to shorten downtimes, enabling users to work with fewer interruptions.
  • Established ServiceNow processes providing the foundations for further IT improvements.
  • Improve IT support productivity by elevating IT support's awareness of all changes in the IT infrastructure and automating repetitive tasks.
  • Plan future IT service management requirements by predicting IT performance trends to allot resources accordingly.
  • Visibility and easy access of the IT infrastructure that reduces incident lifecycles.
  • Benefit more from IT by identifying service improvement opportunities as well as timely enforcing related changes.
  • Increase in IT department productivity with a clear framework for building new efficient IT workflows.

Enabling Business Growth with ServiceNow

The ServiceNow Developer experts at CIGNEX enable in boosting IT productivity to support changing employee and business needs. It is important to remember that business growth is always connected with IT management maturity increase, not just a physical company growth. Here are the benefits from a business point of view:

  • Improved IT service availability resulting in cost reduction that comes with business process disruptions.
  • Increased end user productivity as a direct result of IT service stability that leads to revenue increase.
  • Reduced IT costs by optimizing IT support operations and asset allocation in a more efficient manner.
  • Millions of dollars saved in avoided legacy and infrastructure costs when consolidating to a single system for IT.
  • ServiceNow customers had 25% fewer P1 outages and saved millions through automation.
  • Better Customer and User satisfaction (concerning both end users and IT support agents), resulting in job satisfaction and ensuring ServiceNow adoption.


ServiceNow delivers a cloud-native platform that intelligently predicts, prevents, and automates issues while proactively managing the work that matters most. Being Specialist ServiceNow Partners, CIGNEX has been delivering ServiceNow Implementation Services for over 10 years and has a plethora of dedicated ServiceNow Developer experts at its arsenal. They can provide end-to-end IT service and operations without relying on multiple vendors and integrations. They also ensure that the Now platform automates and optimizes IT service operations to revolutionize IT that drives productivity, delights employees, and allows to self-heal from incidents with available native AI. Also they make sure to resolve issues faster, accelerate innovation, optimize service operations with maximum process efficiency, and lower costs while boosting the productivity of service teams and vendors.

 ServiceNow ITSM, ServiceNow Implementation Services, ServiceNow Managed Services and ServiceNow Consulting are one of the core services they have provided to many leading corporates. If you are planning to leverage ServiceNow as your IT Service Management tool, then CIGNEX is the go-to place for fulfilling your existing or new ServiceNow Implementation needs.