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By R Dev | 22 Sep 2021

Over the years ServiceNow has been pivotal factor in achieving superior service delivery for countless organizations. With every ServiceNow Implementation, new strategies and opportunities are discovered, be it particular workflow automation or a business process improvement. Automation of IT work processes might sound like something that has been around for a while. With ServiceNow ITSM, it is all about advanced AI & ML capabilities to streamline processes and workflows, to make work easier and more fulfilling, to ensure higher customer satisfaction and even happier IT service desk users, at a lower cost.

ServiceNow has grown better than other cloud companies in the last 10 years with a better margin profile and free cash flow. This has been made possible by designing ServiceNow to be a platform that spans through the entire enterprise. Modernizing IT, reinventing customer service, providing employees a great experience, creating new applications to bring businessmen and engineers together within a shorter period of time are the primary focus areas of ServiceNow Implementation. Most of the companies today are being let down because of complex departmental structure. ServiceNow is an enterprise wide solution that glues all of it together creating better business and user experience.

Adopting the Right Platform for ServiceNow Implementation

In the current and post pandemic world, Automation and Digital Transformation are the key aspects of any business. Various industries like Retail, Manufacturing, Healthcare & Pharma, Banking & Financial Services, Telecommunications, etc. have adopted automation exponentially. ServiceNow can be implemented by adopting the right solution aligned as per business requirement and functionality. Here are a few of them:

  • ServiceNow ITSM: ServiceNow ITSM enables automation of various workflows through effective AI & ML by collecting and analyzing data and integrating across the entire IT infrastructure for a seamless and consolidated visibility and access through a single platform. ServiceNow ITSM is adopted by companies due to its ability to improve the quality of IT services, boost end-user satisfaction scores, and increase the flexibility and agility of the company's IT team.
  • ServiceNow ITBM: ServiceNow ITBM prioritizes on improving the alignment of business services, accelerating service delivery, and offering comprehensive financial visibility. ServiceNow IT Business management allows industries understand the ever changing business shifts and requirements and allocate resources accordingly. It allows organizations to identify and prioritize new requests and deliver products and services efficiently.
  • ServiceNow ITAM: The purpose of Information Technology Asset Management is to help organizations manage their hardware and software inventory more efficiently to avoid unnecessary asset purchases. ServiceNow IT Asset Management allows management of IT assets and strategic planning for the IT environment. This helps companies maximize the use of their resources, replacements of non-functioning resources, automating relationships among resources, centralizing asset tracking, etc.
  • ServiceNow ITOM: IT Operations Management enables an organization to reduce infrastructure spending, improve utilization of existing resources, and reduce human error risks. ServiceNow IT Operations Management allows organizations to achieve end-to-end insight into operations and underlying infrastructure, improve the quality of the services, and introduce automation to rapidly increase service delivery. This is done through Discovery, Service Mapping, Event Management, Orchestration and Cloud Management.
  • ServiceNow Application & Portal Development: ServiceNow Applications ensures improved performance, productivity and cost reduction across an entire organization. It requires minimal or no coding, hence the Now Platform's App Engine can be implemented in various lines of business without in-house developers. Designing Service Portal by using existing self-maintained library of widgets is also a part of ServiceNow Implementation.
  • ServiceNow Customer Service Management: ServiceNow CSM with its advanced AI capabilities enables organizations understand customer behavior and patterns and provide a personalized experience. Chat bots and similar preferences and many other features engage customers 24/7. It also offers a central dashboard to manage and monitor all related metrics, improving issue resolution efficiency.
  • ServiceNow GRC & SecOps: ServiceNow Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC) provides organizations with an integrated process to manage all policies, standards and control procedures by obeying regulations and best practices. This helps automate and manage policy lifecycles, identify risks and develop appropriate solutions. ServiceNow Security Operations (SecOps) brings insight, collaboration and business-driven prioritization into the daily routine of security specialists.

Benefits from the Right ServiceNow Implementation

  1. Streamlined and Consolidated Processes: Once ServiceNow Implementation is done, it is imperative to get insight into different processes and workflows. A right ServiceNow partner can help in aggregating information of all IT assets and services through its CMDB (Configuration Management Database) model. It allows organizations to eliminate redundant processes and utilize its workforce where it matters the most.
  2. Integration of Applications: Most applications are focused on one particular task and fails to consolidate various functionality in one platform. ServiceNow along with being versatile in terms of functionality, also comes equipped with the capability to integrate with various other ITSM solutions (Jira, Zendesk), Cloud Services (AWS), CRM (Salesforce), ERP (NetSuite), HR Service delivery, etc. A ServiceNow developer can help you integrate the platform, making it a single multi-functional platform.
  3. Improved Efficiency and Productivity: With the introduction and adoption of ServiceNow, organizations can unplug various bottlenecks that arise in different verticals and processes. This enables in saving time doing tedious, repetitive tasks and right allocation of resources which leads to improved efficiency and productivity throughout the organization.
  4. Increased ROI: Every investor looks for higher Return on Investment. With the application of ServiceNow, automation of processes and workflows becomes much smoother. This reduces infrastructure and maintenance cost, supports high transaction volume, reduces workload, improves performance and hence achieve higher ROI much sooner than anticipated.
  5. Customer Satisfaction: With its core fundamental value of automation and AI, ServiceNow enables organizations to understand the dynamics of Customer Behavior. By choosing a right platform and getting it implemented by a right ServiceNow partner, organizations are developing and providing personalized customer experience and engaging customer more effectively. An experienced ServiceNow partner can utilize all the ServiceNow Service Level Management features including incident management, problem management, change management and request management features that transforms problems into a faster resolution.


ServiceNow is a comprehensive and coherent service management platform with vast capabilities. Not only can it automate existing processes and workflows and can be aligned with any and every business functionality, it can also be utilized for further growth and development. In order to implement ServiceNow and cultivate its huge potential, it's imperative to consult with a right partner and service provider who has an experienced & certified team of ServiceNow developers. CIGNEX, being Specialist ServiceNow Partners has been working with leading enterprises and creating landmarks in implementing ServiceNow for over two decades. Equipped with certified ServiceNow Developer experts, their ServiceNow Implementation Services can help your organization realize its full potential by increasing efficiency and productivity within days and weeks and not months and years.