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15 Sep 2017

Salesforce has once again introduced a slew of new features to enhance the functionality of the tech solution. This year, the feature upgrades include the Lightning Experience and multiple others described in more than 500 pages of the release document. All these upgrades have the capacity to improve the experience for the users and help in increasing the efficiency with the new interface of Lightning.

To help you understand the features of Summer’17 from Salesforce, here are the top 10 features.

1. Ability to use classic email templates

The Lightning Experience in the Salesforce has become more functional with the new abilities. Now, you can use the email templates, classic text and others in the Lightning. The interface has been reimagined to enhance the usability and improve the benefits. And this feature becomes really helpful among all the others.

2. Migration Assistance in Lightning Experience

A great upgrade in the interface is the migration assistance. After launching the wizard, the users get the help at each and every step. The menu provided in the navigation bar allows completing the setup process. A complete list is provided along with the readiness report that helps each and every step of the Lightning Experience interface.

3. Detailed information on activity timeline

The sales users can get immense assistance with the availability of in-depth information in the activity timeline. The timeline has been upgraded to provide detailed knowledge of the activities along with the concise summary. This way, the ease of monitoring the activities will definitely improve for the users.

4. Switching users

In the Lightning Experience, the ability to switch users is provided in the new release. This way, the users can leverage the tool to change the user and bring new users to the Lightning Experience. The admins can’t switch the added people again to the classic. However, the users can change their user interface according to their own preference.

5. Linking accounts with relevant records

This is one of the most amazing features that has been released in Summer’17. The users are now able to link the accounts and contact details with the associated records and files. This becomes possible after lead conversion. With this, the users get to find multiple matches without too much effort.

6. Improved dashboard in Lightning Experience

The dashboard of Lightning Experience has been a concerning factor for the users. The disability of the feature to create Folders was one of the problems. However, the new release has solved the issues with the upgraded and improved dashboard. Now, the users can easily create Folders without switching to the Classic interface. Also, the dashboard in the Lightning Experience allows the users to make changes, remove filters and add elements as well.

7. Time-saving keyboard shortcuts

There are amazing shortcuts added to the keyboard with the release. The Salesforce allows you to save a lot of time while working. The keyboard shortcuts include multiple options such as show this menu, save, edit, search, post to feed, go to the publisher, and others. You can easily open or close right from your keyboard.

8. Revised layout of the object manager

Being one of the most used tools, the object manager has been given some unique changes to enhance the experience of the users. The layout of the object manager is now much easier to use. So, the users can easily get access to the recent list views, recent items, various quick actions and even get to create a new object.

9. Campaign creation

Campaign creation has become exceptionally effective now in the Salesforce. The managers can now include new members in a campaign in the Lightning Experience. The ability to add accounts and contacts to a new campaign improve in managing the campaign efficiently. The feature is also provided to the Classic as well.

10. Updated Salesforce application

The mobile app from the Salesforce has been helpful in completing the tasks from anywhere. To enhance the usability of the application, new features have been included. The app has been given an improved search feature along with the ability to use approvals. These features will definitely improve the business functionality for the users.

To sign off

The list is huge, as Salesforce has released admirable features. Apart from the mentioned top features, the enhancements have been provided to the files, chatter, and other areas as well. The customization of the Lightning Pages has made the navigation setup much more convenient. To increase the perfection level of the automation the new components have been introduced to the deployment.

Along with the feature releases Salesforce has also focused on improving the security. The Lightning support and encryption upgrades are given to make the interface more secure for enterprise usage across multiple geographical locations. The embedded login helps in keeping the access secure and allows the user to ensure transaction security.