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27 Jan 2017

It is highly imperative for corporates to move from outdated development tools to newer ones for enhancing their productivity and capabilities. The new Salesforce Lightning experience is worth giving a try because of its incredible performance, blazing flash speed, faster development time, and vital components, which makes it one of the preferred choices of worldwide developers. If your development team is still using Salesforce Classic to complete your business projects, then this amazingly new platform can assist you to take your business to new heights by simply transitioning to this new age CRM tool.

Prime Reasons to Migrate Your CRM to Salesforce Lightning

The Salesforce Lightning experience offers greater flexibility and optimal help while creating various components. It also ensures optimal balance and coronation between desktop and mobile platforms for providing a personalized experience for every user group. The tool can be extensively used for addressing voids in the user interface (UI) and helps in determining various items that need to be changed for customized instances.

Salesforce Lightning is a powerful multi-tenant, next-generation metadata platform that provides a consistent, modern user experience across any device. Also included in this is the Salesforce Lightning App Builder so business users and developers can quickly and easily build custom apps so they have all the data and intelligence they need when they’re on the go.

If you’re planning to go for custom buttons, customized email templates, and other advancements in your existing tools, then following are the top ten reasons to make a move to Lightning:

  1. Be With the Latest Innovation

Salesforce has demarcated the cloud computing space and its components for 16 years now, but the technology that is available has no match to it. By making a switch to it, entrepreneurs can have the glimpse of latest innovations in every platform, app, or program they develop and can take advantage of its improvements and automation to take projects to newer heights. Using Lighting will build better user experiences that encourage higher user adoption

  1. Incorporates Amazing Selling Features

The new Lightning experience offers access to 55 new Sales Cloud pages and more than 150 amazing features to enhance the capability and productivity of any given business. Features like quarterly performance charts, workspace management, custom-made dashboards, and others help your business to regain success with accurate data.

  1. Persuade and Win Customer’s Confidence With Lightning Voice

Lightning Voice is the new and the latest game-changer feature for salespeople. The new feature helps employees to connect with customers and prospects faster than ever by making voice calls directly within Sales Cloud. If you’re using Salesforce, then you can make or receive calls, take notes, and log the calls to keep track of customers you’ve contacted so far.

  1. Take Advantage of Steelbrick’s Quote-to-Cash Phenomenon

Steelbrick’s CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) helps you to take the platform as the first lead to cash sales platform. You can easily handle tasks like repetitive & complicated quoting, get discounted approval, generate new proposals, and even collect permission & signatures, without leaving CRM.

  1. Optimal for Outlook

Salesforce and Microsoft have undergone a strategic partnership to combine the power of CRM and the productivity suite together. Offering you a streamlined access to Lightning from Outlook, you can easily keep your contacts and calendar up-to-date across your Office 365 and Microsoft Exchange accounts.

  1. It is a Mobile First Platform

The cloud has now come up with Salesforce1 Mobile App to help users reimagine Lightning desktop experience. It creates responsive mobile experiences across all your devices. The platform ensures new customizations and helps in accessing the same on any mobile device via the Salesforce1 app.

Create Apps With Lightning Builder

It doesn’t require any specialized skill or knowledge to build apps.  The new Lightning Builder allows anyone to create mobile and desktop apps simply by dragging and dropping Lightning Components in the customization page.

  1. Make Use of AppExchange Apps

More than 157 Lightning ready third-party apps are available in AppExchange to enhance the capability of your Salesforce. These apps are specially designed and developed to ensure a consistent user experience.

  1. Lightning Snap-Ins for Enhanced Customer Support

The Snap-Ins feature helps companies to quickly incorporate customer support simply by adding a few icons to their apps and web pages. Using this feature, businesses can reach their customers efficiently and can address their issues or concerns with great comfort.

  1. Engage Your Customers With Lightning Customer Community

The Lightning Customer Community helps in Community Cloud management. The feature assists companies to get involved with their customers quickly by adding certain levels of personalization and engagement opportunities.


All in all, this tool can help you boost performance and capabilities of your business simple by enhancing and improving the ways your customer community cloud works.
If you too need to take your business to the next level by inducing immense value from your CRM, then the Customer 360 Degree View solution from CIGNEX is the way to go. With our Salesforce Lightning integration, customer engagement objectives get a force capable of powering your company beyond competition.  We help you to maintain and build unique relationships with your customers to ensure a sustained degree of success.