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By farida | 07 Aug 2012

Social media on web portals have become a mainstay in today's world. Companies are making great effort to engage the visitors to their web sites or portals to see their popularity on the various Social Media tools.

One such common feature has been the Twitter portlet. The current Twitter portlet in Liferay supports Twitter feeds. Another concept in Twitter world is that of hashtags, which are a powerful tool that allows Twitter users to track what many people (especially people whom you aren’t already following) are reporting or thinking about a particular topic or event. Here’s the catch: Hashtags aren’t an officially supported Twitter service. They’re merely a convention that Twitter users have adopted on their own, within the 140-character text-only constraints of tweeting. So you can’t really “follow” hashtags through the main Twitter site.

There was a need to be able to filter Twitter feeds by one or more hashtags for an assignment. By looking at the Twitter Search API, I found that one can filter tweets based on embedded hashtags. Here is an example:

Here cisco is a hashtag.

This is an example I created for a Twitter feed for two hashtags: